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1 Toyota MR2. via Hemmings. Perhaps one of the very best cars to ever come from Japan, the Toyota MR2 is a classic 1980s sports car. And Road and Track had some great things to say about it. Simply put, it ticks all the boxes that you'd expect from an '80s consumer sports car.

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Spoiler alert: somewhere around 80 percent of muscle cars from the 1980s were built on just three vehicle platforms.. it has always been known as America's sports car—light, fast, agile, and.

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The 10 Best Muscle Cars From The 1980s, Ranked. This is a mid-engined, four-wheel-drive sports car produced by Ford from 1984 until 1986. Due to the rules set out by the FIA, Ford had to.

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The 1980s were pivotal in the automotive industry as sports sedans, hot hatchbacks, and mid-engine coupes edged out even the best-looking American cars from the 1970s.Although we could sit back and point out that it was one of the lowest points in American performance car history, the 80s witnessed automakers like Buick and Ford launch an admirable muscle revival.

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Then: Though it debuted in 1975 as a Dino replacement, the 308 was the epitome of the 1980s Italian sports car. Pininfarina made the car visually striking, but Thomas Magnum made the tube-framed, V8-powered Ferrari an icon. Early cars-the first 808 cars built-feature fiberglass bodies, while the later ones are formed in equally beautiful steel.

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Ford RS200. Ford. Built to homologate Ford Europe's Group B rally efforts in the mid-1980s, the RS200 is essentially a race car with a license plate. It has all-wheel drive, parallel shocks, and a.

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Even in the 1980s, sports cars were not cheap, but the Toyota MR2 was one of the more budget-friendly supercar options in part because of its well-thought-out technical specifications. The MR2 had a 16 valve twin cam 1.6-liter engine that generated 112 horsepower. Additionally, it featured a five-speed manual gearbox and a functional rear spoiler.

Hot Dozen The Most Collectible 1980s Muscle Cars Hot Rod Network

Today, things are a lot different than they were back then, even back in 1984 when the fourth generation, the Corvette C4, was just getting off the ground. But, in the '80s, a sports car was all.

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Included in their past cars was the 1962 Matra Djet —the world's first production mid-engine sports car—and a funky wedge shape three-seater, the Matra Bagheera. An evolution of the Bagheera, the Murena , was introduced in 1980 with a focus on fixing the Bagheera's issues while retaining its good points.

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1. 1987 Buick GNX. It may not be the fastest, sexiest or best handling American car of the 1980s, but the Buick GNX is easily the most badass and arguably the most iconic. Blacked out, debadged.

Hot Dozen The Most Collectible 1980s Muscle Cars Hot Rod Network

Today, of course, the GTI lives on and the sport compact segment remains red hot with alternatives like the Hyundai Veloster R-Spec and N, and Honda Civic Si and Type R. 1984 Ferrari Testarossa. The truth is many of the exotic cars of the early 1980s weren't really that fast.

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7 Toyota MR2. Via Bring a Trailer. In the mid-80s, Toyota needed a new sports car that could compete with the Europeans in the looks and power departments while costing less than half the price. The result was the MR2 — the first-ever Japanese rear mid-engined production car. Via: Toyota.

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BMW M3 (1988-1991) The M3's acceleration isn't quick by today's standards. In our November 1988 test, the M3 took 6.9 seconds to hit 60 mph with the quarter-mile passing in 15.2 seconds at 92.