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1983 Glenfrome Facet r/WeirdWheels

THE GLENFROME FACET. Model Year: 1983. Total units produced:. Vehicle cost: £55,000 (in 1983 - equivalent to $66,462 then or $205,118 in 2023) What makes this car interesting?.

1983 Glenfrome Facet r/WeirdWheels

**Glenfrome Facet 1983.** Meet the "Ultimate All-Terrain Sports Coupé." There had never been such a car until Glenfrome Engineering revealed its Facet, and proved off-road driving and.

BF Exclusive 1987 Glenfrome Barn Finds

1983 Glenfrome Facet

Can We All Agree the Glenfrome Facet is the Ugliest SUV Ever Made?

There where only eight as of 1983 but production carried on thru number produced seems unknown. Also thanks for calling my thread worthless!!!!! Ha! Ha!. glenfrome facet. Hello, my name is Angel and I own this car. I currently live in Spain. I feel my translation, I'm Spanish.If interested contact via e-mail.

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Glenfrome Facet 1983. Glenfrome specialised in rebodying Range Rovers for the Middle Eastern market, but this car looks more like a spaceship you'd find in a low-budget 1970s sci-fi movie than a car you'd find driving around in the Middle East. Made almost completely of fibreglass, the weirdest feature of this car is the hydraulically.

1983 Glenfrome Facet r/WeirdWheels

BF Exclusive: 1987 Glenfrome. There's no denying we like oddball vehicles with unique stories and interesting history! Well, you really can't get much more odd or interesting as our latest BF Exclusive, this 1987 Glenfrome. It's one of just 8 built by Glenfrome… more».

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1983-1986 Glenfrome Facet. Origin: United Kingdom Class: Off-road / SUV Made in: ? add: Advertising. photo_camera miscellaneous_services info palette description sync_alt emoji_events airport_shuttle. add_a_photo. Comments. Author Message; Add a comment.

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1983 Glenfrome Facet r/WeirdWheels

Glenfrome Facet 1983 YEAR REVEALED 1983 PLACE OF ORIGIN Solihull, West Midlands, and Bristol, UK HISTORICAL STATUS production car ENGINE V8-cylinder, 215ci (3,528cc) MAXIMUM POWER 132bhp LAYOUT front-mounted engine driving all four wheels BODYWORK two-door, four-seater coupé TOP SPEED unknown NUMBER BUILT approximately 30

1983 Glenfrome Facet r/WeirdWheels

Based near Bristol, British company Glenfrome was best known for its Range Rover conversions, although it did work on other cars too, including the Jaguar XJ and the W126 Mercedes S-Class that was current throughout the 1980s. First up is the Glenfrome Ashton, the company's two-door convertible that could be ordered in standard or long.

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Carrying a pricetag of 55,000 Pounds in 1983, the Glenfrome Facet "Range Rover" was not only a car best liked by Sheikhs and Prices of the Middle-East, the price ensured it was also one that could only be bought by people with a personal oil-well. A set of very early photos of Glenfrome's Facet Range Rover.

1983 Glenfrome Facet r/WeirdWheels

THE GLENFROME FACET. Model Year: 1983.. Vehicle cost: £55,000 (in 1983 - equivalent to $66,462 then or $205,118 in 2023) What makes this car interesting? The original Land Rover earned its stripes for being one of the most capable (if notoriously unreliable) offroad vehicles of all time. British Leyland made quite the splash when the.

Can We All Agree the Glenfrome Facet is the Ugliest SUV Ever Made?

Apr 17, 2020 As the largely aesthetics-free 1970s came to a close, it was clear that the 1980s would be a decade of bold design. The '80s did yield some beautiful cars, but also brought forth some.

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The Best Car GPS Trackers. View detailed pictures that accompany our 1987 Range Rover Glenfrome Facet article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features. (4 photos)

1983 Glenfrome Facet r/WeirdWheels

1983 Glenfrome Facet SUV | Glenfrome It is built on the bones of the new 110 Range Rovers from its facility in Bristol. Being a Range Rover, it is definitely stellar off-road. That is with the enhancement of V8 power and five-speed manual transmission, and of course, four-wheel drive.

Glenfrome Facet. A Land Rover conversion r/WeirdWheels

There is a V8 engine in the 1983 Glenfrome Facet. The car has a 5-speed manual transmission. Glenfrome Facet has a cyberpunk appearance and a few unique features. These vehicles have a removable targa roof and a cast aluminum windscreen structure. This 4x4 sandy touring coupe is perfect for a trip through the Middle East. 7. 1997 Plymouth Prowler