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Excursion, dually and 6 door conversions from mild to wild and anything in between. IMG_20190218_074020367. IMG_20190218_074059000. 6doorextention-interior3. IMG_20190218_074020367. 1/16. Completed six-door, excursion and dually conversions. Our creation Process. SOLD!! 2015 Ford F350 Platinum Pickup .

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The shop's biggest hook, however, is the fact that it will use the Super Duty chassis to create a stretched Excursion with six doors. 'New' Ford Excursion SUV from Custom Autos by Time. Prices.

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Turning a Super Duty into a 4-door Excursion seems to cost $41,000 — plus the cost of the truck. Creating a 6-door Super Duty is a $33,000 job. And a 6-door pickup based on the brand-new 2017 Super Duty is a $65,000 conversion. And then, of course, there's a long list of options, tempting you to drive the price up even further.

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Custom 6door ford excursion

Six-Door & Excursion Conversions. Want your vehicle to stand out? We offer an array of customization such as excursions, dually, and 6-door conversions. Restorations. A simple paint job or a full restoration, we do it all! Mobile Video . Installation.

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6 Door Truck Conversion *add $1000 if your truck has a moonroof 1999-2007 $27,000 . 2008-2014 $30,000. 6 Door Excursion Conversion *add $2,000 if your truck is a short bed " button_label="Call Now!"] 1999-2007 $29,000 . 2008-2015 $36,000. There are many more custom options available.


If a client provides a truck to start from, then the conversion requires six to 14 weeks. The Excursion conversions start at $41,000 for the four-door, $49,000 for the six-door, and $59,000 for a.

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Right now, he is focusing on upgrading 2000-2006 Ford Excursions and Super Duty Pickup Trucks to the latest body style and creating 6-Door Excursions as well as custom one off designs. Building Excursion Conversions is a unique process that involves taking the original body of the truck and modifying it to look like a 2019 or 2022 Super Duty look.

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For the entire year range of the Excursion, it had a different underhood harness (and fuse box) than the same-year trucks, due to the Excursion-only accessories (rear HVAC and defrost grid, extra power points, etc). Plus, nearly all of these 6-door conversions are using crew cab fronts from newer trucks that were built long after Ford killed.


Another popular option with the Fords is the stretched 6 door Excursion. We can stretch your 2000-2005 excursion into a 12 passenger using any of Fords gas or diesel drive-trains including the popular 7.3-6.0- 6.4 and the new 6.7 diesels. We can also make you a brand New 2016 4,6, or 8 door 9-15 passenger Excursion..

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We ended up with a custom one-off 6 door Excursion with King Ranch interior capable of hauling the entire Mega X 2 crew ! Specs : 7.3 with 80 HP Injectors , Hybrid Turbo, King Ranch Interior, 11 Passenger Seating, Harley Davidson Headlights, Bull Bumper, 3″ Lift with Firestone Air Springs, Diamond Eye 4″ Turbo back Exhaust with 5″ tip.

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One project built by King Series is the six-door Excursion, blended with an F-350 Super Duty to bridge the gap between pickup and SUV, creating the ultimate six-door truck. The interior seats up.

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2020 Six Door F650 X XL Urban Smash-Out Excursion. We can build one just like it for you! 4X2, 6.7L diesel, heated/cooled seats, 4.10:1 rear. XL for extra length..15 inches longer than our regular X. Designed and hosted by Logan County Online copyright 2006-2023. Home. Options/Price. For Sale. Contact Us.