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Best April Fools' Day jokes by car companies 2023 We round-up this year's best car-related April Fools' jokes, along with a few of the more famous japes from years gone by by: Shane.

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Step 1: Wrapp'd! If you're a drunk college kid, or just one on the inside, wrapping someone's car is a great April Fool's gag. Especially if you're friends or lovers with a persnickety automotive purist, gift wrapping, shrink wrapping, or Saran wrapping is a way to play a joke that shouldn't ruffle too many feathers.

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Car Culture In This Article Category: News Ah, April Fools' Day, the ultimate opportunity for jokesters to have a full 24 hours to trick people into believing silly little lies for a few giggles. After a tough few years, the April Fools' pranks seem to be ramping back up.

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It's unusual, but not unheard of, for the New York Auto Show and April Fool's Day to fall in the same week, but this quirk of the calendar made for a tumultuous and rapid-fire start to the.

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1 April 2021 In what has become a tradition for the car industry, April Fools' Day has been marked with a wave of fake news stories. The gags are usually harmless fun and do well to lighten.

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April Fools' Day: best car company efforts from the years gone by 32 Cater-ham Sevenses 32 Driving a barebones track car like a Caterham Seven can certainly build up an appetite..

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…since 1983 in fact, when they touted the rain-deflecting open-top car. It came with an air duct in the top of the windscreen which blew away any rainfall, keeping the occupants bone dry. Yes quite, although BMW's April Fools' did improve over the years, peaking with 2011's M3 pick-up truck, which was actually produced as a one-off.

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We've gathered 10 of the best automotive practical jokes, most of which will have the recipient laughing just as hard as the perpetrator. A gentleman went to visit his rare Triumph Italia coupe at the restoration shop. There in a parts bin was a shattered and folded windscreen. Knowing that the part was irreplaceable, Dave was in despair.

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12:55 pm, April 1, 2023 This year car makers and automotive brands have been releasing their new concepts especially for April 1st. The April Fools range from product recalls to new dealership practices. Take a look below to see if you were caught out by any. Isuzu badge mix-up

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1,000-HP Dodge SRT Ghoul. This one came from the mind of a content writer at CarBuzz and went viral on April Fool's Day in 2019 (before returning in 2020 and 2021). It was meant as harmless April.

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Sat 1 April 2023 15:25, UK They've produced lots of hilarious pranks over the years, but it appears the car brand is taking a break this year. From boggling products to dastardly designs,.

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— Citroën (@Citroen) April 1, 2022 Arguably one of the best ways to make a joke is by making fun of yourself, and this year Citroen has come in with a one-liner, tweeting a photo of their Citroen.

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Our top car-themed April fool for 2017 has to be Audi's offering, which proposes a silly but potentially useful concept for a South Australian audience. Audi fans will delight at the German car maker's decision to offer a special square drink holder in selected models sold in South Australia, where the favourite drink is Farmers Union.

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We'll start off this list with the most obvious one, the 1970 AMC Gremlin, one of the few actual vehicles - along with the 1931 DeVaux, the 1961 Amphicar, and the 1964 Barracuda - launched on April Fools Day.

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This is prolly a 1 page thread at most Page 4245 Ford Truck

7 Photos. Alexander Stoklosa Author. Apr 1, 2021. A lot about the past year has been decidedly un-funny, but with things looking up as we enter the summer, a few automakers got in on the giddiness.