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A great titanium exhaust option is the GReddy 2022+ Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86 Super Street Titan Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust System this exhaust features the highest quality full titanium, dual burnt tip system that not only sounds incredible but looks the part as well.

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I had some wheels laying around from my FRS so I figured I'd toss them on the GR86 just to see how they look. The fitment isn't ideal since the new GR86 & BR.

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Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum & Owners Community - FT86CLUB > 1st Gens:. Best bang or buck mod are most likely tires. After that, exhaust if you want to hear the car better, and then maybe just springs. The Following User Says Thank You to bkblitzed For This Useful Post:

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With top brands like Cusco, HKS, Perrin, AWE & more, you'll find quality performance parts & Subaru OEM replacements for your 2022 BRZ at a great price. New parts are being added all the time! Take the performance & look of your 2022 BRZ or GR86 to the next level with mods & upgrades to your exhaust, suspension, engine, exterior, & so much more.

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The 2022 Toyota GR86 & Subaru BRZ haven't been out too long, but there are already tons of different body kit (widebody & lip kit) options to choose from. Ev.

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Top 5 GR86 Performance Mods Kevin Vo 37.8K subscribers Subscribe 22K views 3 weeks ago The GR86 and BRZ platform have some of the best aftermarket support in.

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First performance mods. What are some good starting "performance mods"? Better tires, lighter wheels, suspension bits are often some of the first areas 86/BRZ owners will start at. Header & exhaust along with a 91/93 octane, e85 or flex fuel off the shelf tune or custom tune would be the logical starting point for a bit more power.

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Our goal for this build is to turn it into a fantastic weekend warrior with JDM parts and inspiration! We're starting off with some Cusco carbon fiber strut.


Some simple and fairly cheap things I've done with mine, so far, besides my tint/exhaust: -Rexspeed carbon fiber ebrake handle -JDM clear side markers -OLM carbon fiber hood struts -GR86 logo door puddle lights -Toyota front/back blackout emblems. Still trying to decide if I want a new shift knob or not.

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Best First-Mod in my opinion. 23' BRZ Limited - WR Blue Pearl: Enkei RPF-1, Falken FK510, Fortune Auto 510, AWE Touring Edition, AEM Dry-Filter, Whiteline Arms Reactions: 1993MR2Turbo , Suma Performance and KiraOniiChan

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Most Popular Upgrades for the Toyota GR86 in 2023 by Eunice Tossy August 17, 2023 in Product Info 0 If you are the owner of the Toyota GR86, you're probably well aware of the low-hanging opportunities there are to further improve the stock performance of the GR86.

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Coilovers are a great modification to improve the look of your GR86 as well. We all know, the lower the better! BRAKE ENHANCEMENTS: STOP ON A DIME Let's face it, stock brakes just don't cut it when you're pushing your GR86 to its limits. Plus, you can only drive as fast as you can stop.

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In this video, I talk about all the GR86/BRZ mods you can and should buy with the new release coming out in Europe. Let me know what you think? DON'T CLICK T.

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Its confusing to some because the nanoparticle tint is known as ceramic nanoparticle tint. But no one is gonna say the whole name every time they mention it, so they just call it ceramic tint. Difference of 10-20% heat reduction for a 50% increase in price. I did not see its worth it. I got ceramic for $250.

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Acquire the required parts like any aero/body kits, wheels, tires, etc. Exhaust and pull out the carbon filter in the stock intake. From removing the carbon filter alone, you gain 10 peak hp. Been proven on multiple dynos. Exhaust for your listening pleasure. You can add nice light wheels for about 1200, you can add Cadillac brembos for about.