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The Luxurious Lifestyle of Big ChiefSubscribe for More! Big Chief's garage is a car enthusiast's dream, with a collection of high-performance vehicles that i.

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Big chiefs new car the new crow made a test pass at thunder valley in 2021. The new crow is street outlaws justin shearer's 1972 pontiac GTO. It is rebuilt a.

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Staci White Dec 7, 2023 11:53 am Photo via Discovery Channel Big Chief has been a prominent fixture on Street Outlaws since the show first began airing in 2013. However, he disappeared from new.

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Big Chief Chief has been in the OKC street racing game since age 9 when he'd ride his bike to watch the races on Route 66, but now he runs the show. If anybody wants to race for a list spot in this town, they have to go through Big Chief. Chief has gone through a series of cars, all called "The Crow."

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Justin "Big Chief" Shearer's first automotive love, The Crow, was violently taken from him in front of millions. The Crow, a 1972 Pontiac LeMans, was the culmination of years of hard work and.

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Street Outlaws star Big Chief got himself a new small tire car, whatcha think of the new wheels? " BIG CHIEF'S NEW SMALL TIRE CAR! FIRST HIT ON THE STREET!!". Make sure to like, share and subscribe to our Facebook/IG/Twitter pages for more high octane action! Free wallpapers below…. VIDEO: Street Outlaws Kye Kelley Doing Work At New.

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Big Chief 405, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 1,085,594 likes · 1,408 talking about this. Welcome to the official Big Chief Facebook Page

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Justin Shearer Aka Big Chief Speaks On His Return To Street Outlaws | Shocking Update | What Happened To Big Chief? For business inquiries: myserverfix@gm.

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Big Chief is focusing on his company Midwest Street Cars after leaving Street Outlaws. He often shares YouTube videos where he builds cars, tests them on the race track and even takes part in street racing. His company also offers fans the chance to join their patreon.

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Cars » Justin Shearer's (AKA Big Chief) 70 GTO "The Crow" return to Cars Justin Shearer's "The Crow" is no more Justin Shearer took a nasty spill recently, totally destroying his beloved "Crow" as seen on Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws. Luckily Justin only suffered minor injuries thanks the the well built Pontiac GTO.

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Now in its 16th season, here's one of the cars that started it all on Street Outlaws: Justin "Big Chief" Shearer's "The Crow," a 1972 Pontiac LeMans from the Nov. 2015 issue of Car Craft.

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0:00 / 37:00 BIG CHIEF'S NEW SMALL TIRE CAR! FIRST HIT ON THE STREET!! Midwest Street Cars 373K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 14K Share 599K views 1 year ago OKLAHOMA CITY Thank y'all.

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Big Chief (whose real name is Justin Shearer) is a street car racer. He competes with other street car racing enthusiasts to showcase his driving skills and win titles. Advertisement The reality star has been doing this for a while and has appeared on Street Outlaws ever since its first season, which premiered on June 10, 2013.