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Pop-up headlights are literally the best things in the world. "Lights go up, lights go down," you know the drill. To celebrate pop-ups, we've hit Photoshop hard and have taken 10 cars to fit them.

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The Vector M12 used a Lamborghini Diablo-sourced 5.7-liter V12 to pump out a massive 492 horses and 425 lb-ft of torque with cool pop-up headlights. It propelled the M12 for a stunning 4.8-second -to-60 MPH result and the car topped out at 190 MPH. Via: However, it couldn't match Diablo's speed.

Cars With Flip Up Headlights All The Best Cars

Mazda MX-5 Miata NA 1989 Mazda MX-5 Miata NA - on The Mazda MX-5 Miata first popped up on the car scene back in 1989 with the NA model. The MX-5 NA was a fun little rear-wheel-drive sports convertible and it was one of the only versions of this car to feature pop-up headlights.

You’ve Heard Of PopUp Headlights, But Check This ’60s Corvette Concept

From the affordable Mazda Miata to the high-dollar Ferrari 355, these are the vehicles that immediately grab attention by packing pop-up headlights.

Amazing Cars With PopUp Headlights CarBuzz

The pop-up headlight reached the peak of its powers in the 1970s, when American safety regulations led to car designers exploring ways to 'hide' the headlights. The AC 3000ME is probably the.

Cars With Flip Up Headlights All The Best Cars

The first mainstream production car to feature pop-up lights after the Cord of more than a quarter of a century earlier, the Elan was a landmark car because of its incredible dynamics thanks to.

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Japanese Sportscars are Great, Pop-Up Headlamps are even better. What if you Combine the Two? Check out 10 Iconic JDM machines that feature them! Subscribe f.

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The Porsche 928's pop-up headlights are unique in that the pods remain visible, even when the lights are turned off. During the daytime, the lights lay flush with the body, giving a sleek cool look.

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6. Porsche 944. Speaking of affordable European sports cars: the Porsche 944 is the least expensive classic model from the German company known for building some of the most engaging high-performance cars out there. The Porsche 944's pop-up headlights heralded the largest-displacement four-cylinder engine ever to be manufactured (reaching 3.0-liters in later cars) along with the availability.

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Updated Oct 12, 2022 Pop-up headlights were all the rage back in the day, and looking at these cars, it's easy to understand why! via: Bring a Trailer Automotive design changed forever with the Cord 810 back in 1936. It was the first car that introduced the world to pop-up headlights.

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20 cars that rocked pop-up headlights © Citroën 1 of 25 © Lancia 1 of 25 © Cord 1 of 25 © Chevrolet 1 of 25 © Lotus 1 of 25 © Lamborghini 1 of 25 © Toyota 1 of 25 © Opel 1 of 25 © Saab 1 of 25 © Ferrari 1 of 25 © Fiat 1 of 25 © Lancia 1 of 25 © Lamborghini 1 of 25 © Aston Martin 1 of 25 © Lancia 1 of 25 © Mazda 1 of 25 © Honda 1 of 25

Legendary Cars That Featured Cool Pop Up Lights

Bull Run Festival of Lights: The 2023 Festival of Lights is a dazzling 2.5 mile holiday light display that allows visitors to drive the full route from the comfort of your car. Nov. 11 - Jan. 7.

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Jaguar XJ220. Not all pop-up lights are in fact pop-up. The Jaguar XJ220 is one of a few on this list that does things a little differently and how awesome it is too. The round light covers, rather than popping up, drop down into the recess to reveal the lights. It's an elegant and more aerodynamic solution than the traditional protruding.

Legendary Cars That Featured Cool Pop Up Lights

While cars with pop-up headlights can fetch a fortune today, the used market hides some incredibly underrated models that offer this feature. Via: Mecum Autions Born in the '60s as a clever way to conceal the headlights when they're not needed, pop-up headlights persisted all the way until the early 2000s when they were sadly outlawed.

Amazing Cars With PopUp Headlights CarBuzz

Mazda 323F We're not going to pretend the Mazda 323F is fast. Or particularly exciting to drive. But, if you want a quirky, dirt cheap runabout with pop-ups, you could do a lot worse. The price?.

14 Coolest Cars With PopUp Headlights (1 That's Hideous)

1/51 When Cord unveiled its 810 at the 1935 New York Auto Show, complete with pop-up headlights, it caused a sensation. Nobody had ever created anything like it but it would be another 30 years.