Chilli Island Boats Relax on the Water in Luxury and Style

The Chilli Island electric miniboat is the perfect vessel for your

The Chill Out Island Watercraft Is Your Very Own Luxurious Private Island (For Two) Published: 20 Dec 2022, 10:54 UTC • By: Elena Gorgan For those times when a superyacht might feel like an.


Chilli Island electric boat lounger

CHILLI ISLAND Schwimmende Innovation aus Österreich sticht in See

Chilli-Island is a motorized floating device - a kind of sunbed - that can comfortably accommodate 2 people for a walk on the water. With a length and width of 2 m, the Chilli-Island is made of polyethylene and its rounded and ergonomic shape accommodates two sunbathing areas specially developed to fit the body's shape.

Chilli Island fuses Electric boat and lounger into one

- Trickyfish How Much Does a Chilli Island Boat Cost? June 29, 2023 By Daniel Bennet Welcome to our in-depth article on the cost of owning a Chilli Island boat! If you're considering purchasing one of these magnificent vessels, it's important to understand the financial investment involved.

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The Chilli Island electric mini-boat is the perfect vessel for your Sunday escapades by Gavril Mankoo We all have those days when there's simply nothing else to do than kick off our shoes, let our hair down and spend some time by a waterfront, in a glimmering blue swimming pool or take a boat tour.

The Chilli Island electric miniboat is the perfect vessel for your

OK, dumb/cool concept for floating around a calm lake or river. Good for a laugh, as is the price. Let's see how the $2,500 breaks down: $300 for the boat, $250 for the dual hammock with frame.

Electric boat meets lounge chair on Chilli Island

And, like all other boats these days, this lounger comes with an integrated Bluetooth sound system that features two speakers so you can bump your sweet tunes while you tool around the lake in relaxed luxury. The boat is equipped with a Torqueedo electric motor and you have the option of getting a 0.5 or a 1-kW motor.

The Chilli Island electric miniboat is the perfect vessel for your

Coolest toy: Chilli Island. Having seduced the world's press with its all-conquering Frauscher fleet, the design-savvy Austrians are back with something lower octane.. and while the finish on the debut boat is yet to live up to the hype, the price (from 282,000 Euros) is already a major threat to the established players. Tags: Aex Smith,.

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The 'Chilli Island' is a Combination Electric Boat and Lounger. The 'Chilli Island' is a combination electric watercraft and luxurious two person lounger made to cater to the high-end market. Equipped with one of the most efficient electric engines used for boating, this two person lounger can easily glide along the water for up to six hours at.

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Chilli Island, built for two people is an innovative, modern take on the traditional pedal boat and provides a luxurious alternative to the lilo or floating platform. Three adjustable shades in the shape of palm leaves provide ample and customisable protection from the sun. With 360 degree configuration as much or as little shade as the user.

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length: 2,50 meters width: 2,25 meters draught with engine: 0,40 meters draught without engine: 0,15 meters weight: 200 kg passengers: 2 material: polyethylene (corbus), GfK (chassis) CE-certification: D (protected water) motorisation: electric motor 0,5 kW or 1,0 kW batteries: AMG loader: internal through a plug external with charging station

Chilli Island Boats Relax on the Water in Luxury and Style

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Global Presence: 65 countries USA, Germany, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Canada, Denmark, France and French territories (Guadeloupe.

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Designed to deliver some of the on-water fun of a small boat without the work and hassle, the Chilli Island watercraft navigates the crisp, blue water like a.

Chilli Island Boats Relax on the Water in Luxury and Style

Chilli Island is a Design innovation from Austria. Unique, modern Design as well as luxury and comfort at the water are united in a single product. Chilli Island is the perfect companion for relaxed days at the water and bribes by elegant shaping, revolutionary design and well-thought features.

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The Chilli Island Classic base model with 0.5-kW motor and 40-watt sound system is priced at €9,985 (US$11,225), as listed in Chilli Island's online brochure. Higher spec models include.