DS X ETense is a futuristic supercar with Formula E engineering

Inside the asymmetrical glassfloor car from the future Supercar Blondie

Published May 1, 2018 There are weird concept cars, and then there's the DS X E-Tense Concept Citroen has a reputation in the auto industry for designing some of the most extreme concept.

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By Caleb Miller Published: Feb 7, 2022 View Photos DS The DS E-Tense Performance is a slinky electric supercar concept created by the luxury division of Citroen. The concept utilizes the.

DS X ETense 2018 Conceptcar électrique et carrosserie flexible

DS X E-TENSE IS ASYMETRIC Imagining a dream car for 2035 led DS Automobiles to create an asymmetric, three-seat concept founded on a unique association of two vehicles in one that allows owners to select the driving mode that matches their need at any given moment.

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DS X E-TENSE : electric and autonomous concept car DS RANGE DS EXPERIENCE BUY & RENT YOUR DS Dream Car Marrying technology with poetry An exciting and passionate car with a design that's as light as a feather and silent as a breath of air for stunning performance. DS X E-TENSE IS ASYMMETRIC The meaning of light

2018 DS X ETense Concept price and specifications

DS E-Tense will come to life! Mid-engined, carbon fiber chassis, 600 hp Citroen with double wishbone suspension. We said 600 hp mid-engined Citroen because it would be even better than concept under the skin.

2018 DS X ETense Concept price and specifications

The DS X E-Tense is a 1,000+ hp electric supercar for 2035 that has a split personality. We break it down for you. 1360 Hp For The Supercar Of The Future Via: Dsautomobiles.co.uk Everything about the DS X E-Tense is in splits. It is a weird sports/luxury car of the future that somehow lives along well with its split personality.

2018 DS X ETense Concept price and specifications

DS E-TENSE FUTURISTIC DS E-TENSE encapsulates stunning design and technology, to open a door to the future Perfectly proportioned with flowing lines and chrome detailing, torque of 516 Nm, 402 hp and zero CO2 emissions… this outstanding coupe GT DS Concept delivers an exceptional driving experience. DS E-tense - L'art en mouvement Watch on MAGNETIC

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Last updated on Jul 22, 2022 at 4:49PM (UTC+4) Edited by Kate Bain. This is the glass-floor car from the future. It's one of the most bizarre yet most beautiful concept cars ever created. Called the DS X E-TENSE, it's completely asymmetrical. DS Automobiles. READ MORE! This is the Huntress: the off-road concept car straight out of a sci-fi.

2018 DS X ETense Concept price and specifications

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DS ETense Concept will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2016

Price and comparison of DS X E-Tense Concept with competitive car models. Rating of vehicle performance with similar models PRICE: 3 000 000 $ (for the concept car, the approximate cost is set) 225 km/h ACCELERATION 3.7 sec 544 hp POWER / WEIGHT 272 hp / tonne 2000 kg Last added cars:

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Here's what we learned about the 1,360bhp DS X E-Tense It's a lop-sided, electric, autonomous, front-wheel drive, scissor-doored supercar! Jack Rix Published: 18 Jul 2018 Top Gear Magazine.

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Following on from our first concept cars, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE is reinterpreting its design language for the 100% electric generation. Its scarab-effect interferential paint tone plays with light along its sleek lines. The two-tone bonnet, the new light signature magnified by the DS WINGS and the three-dimensional illuminated DS logo indicate.

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Electric Vehicle Price Guide - best prices for dealers in the US; Tesla; Ford; GM; BMW; Jaguar; VW; Daimler/Mercedes; Hyundai;. One 'DS X E-Tense' story October 2018. See All Stories. DS X E.

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So it's fitting that the DS brand 's newest concept car, the DS X E-Tense, is an off-the-rails design study envisioning what cars might look like in 2035. With a bizarre asymmetrical layout.

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Committed to high-performance hybrid and electric cars, the Brand will launch the DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4x4, the hybrid powertrain by DS, in 2019. DS 7 CROSSBACK are available from dedicated network, in DS Stores and DS Salons. DS also has a flagship store, DS WORLD PARIS, 33 rue François 1er in Paris, France.

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The X E-Tense is a three-seat concept car with a single-seat racer on one side and a luxury saloon on the other. 3 /6. Two kinds of cars demand two kinds of driving capabilities. Hence, the peak.