Roll Over Beethoven, the Kia Hamsters Are Back

The Kia Hamster will make the perfect companion for anyone. Available

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HipHop Hamsters Help Kia Outpace Industry The Detroit Bureau

Alex Konrad, contributorJuly 2, 2010: 12:26 PM ET. FORTUNE -- In the ad world, anything is still possible. Dancing hamsters can sell cheap cars. That's what Kia Motors America has discovered with.

Kia Soul Hamster Edition Luxury and Fast Cars

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Feature Flick Kia's Oversized Hamsters Sell Soul with Dance Music, Opera

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In this commercial, a Kia Soul hamster song called "The Choice is Yours" is featured by Black Sheep. The song's lyric "this or that" is repeated throughout the ad, reminding us all that we have a choice: whether to drive a mundane car or an exciting new Kia Soul. In the latest commercial, Kia introduces the new Kia Soul Turbo.

Under the Hood I think that Kia has pretty much got this figured out

In July 2022, Kia released a new commercial for its car, showing a different face: now the hamsters are skeletons, but that doesn't mean (like some people were asking on the Internet) that the hamster is dead. It only means that the commercial entered the era of NFTs, and skeletons work much better than hamsters in that context.

Return of the Kia Hamsters

May 31, 2019 When the first Kia Soul was released, people lost their minds over the unique look and weird boxy shape. But it wasn't only the Soul's style that shot sales up for this Kia model. The iconic, award-winning Kia Soul hamsters danced their way into the hearts of drivers.

Kia Soul Hamster Commercial in HD(High Definition) YouTube

Kia's hamsters started as a play on the banal existence of nine-to-fivers in the rat race, but evolved over the years into fun-loving cartoonish partiers. Seven years since they were.

Pope chooses Kia Soul the hamstercar for visit to Seoul

1 Kia Soul EV is the Best Small Family Car, Ahead of the VW e-Golf and Nissan Leaf 2 The Hamsters Are Back to Bring Swag to the 2014 Kia Soul 3 Kia Soul Hamsters Commercial Featuring LMFAO Party.

Musical Hamsters Return for 2016 Kia Soul Commercial (W/Video)

May 11, 2011 A viral video sensation when it appeared in 2009, Kia 's hip, furry Hamsters prompted the creation of a special, concept car at last year's 2010 SEMA automotive aftermarket.

Kia uses Hamstar hamsters to remind that it still has soul

Since its introduction over a decade ago, the Kia Soul has won the hearts of more than just hamsters! The Soul's quirky design mixed with a low price point and great utility has been a big hit for many buyers throughout the US. For 2023, Kia has given the Soul an updated look and a whole slew of new standard features.

Ajumma's Pad Kia Soul's hamsters roll out

The Kia hamsters are what? What animal represents the Kia Soul? The hamster's car is… Kia meaning: Who is the singer for the Kia commercial? Will there be a Kia Soul in 2022? What automaker employed hamsters? Do the hamsters in the Kia Soul have names? The Kia Soul Turbo is introduced in David & Goliath.

Musical Hamsters Return for 2016 Kia Soul Commercial (W/Video)

Kia's original advertisements for the 2010 Soul placed giant hamsters behind the wheel. Those same furry creatures appear once more in Kia's new "This or That" ad campaign -- although they seem to.

"Hamster Rap" par Kia Motors pour le modèle Kia Soul (2010) Kia, What

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2010 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial Black Sheep Kia Hamsters Video YouTube

The new 2010 Kia Soul makes it's way into the automotive market with the hamster commercial. See More details at

Roll Over Beethoven, the Kia Hamsters Are Back

Get ready to geek out with the Hamsters as they create Kia's first electric car—the all-new Soul EV. With all that electricity flowing, there just might be a few surprises along the way….