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Surron X has a top speed of 50 mph / 80 km/h, making it the fastest electric off-road bike on the market. With its powerful 5200 W motor and 6 kWh battery, Surron X can take you anywhere you want to go with ease. Whether you are just taking a leisurely ride or competing in a race, Surron X's top speed will get you there quickly and safely.

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The Zero FXS is probably the closest, but still reaches 85 mph (137 km/h) and costs between $8,500-$10,500. A slightly lower power/speed electric motorcycle that can handle a suburban commute with.


Specs for this USA model: 12.5kW peak power (more than double the light bee x) 72V/55Ah Lithium Ion. 187lb (85kg) weight. max range of 87 miles at 25mph. 56 mph top speed. 0-31mph in 2.3 seconds. 3 riding modes (Eco, Daily, Sport) Traction control, regenerative braking, adjustable throttle sensitivity.

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Is it a bicycle? Is it a motorcycle? Whatever it is, the Sur-Ron Light Bee X E-bike is fun. Photography by Trevor Hunter You've probably seen one of these things fly by you at the track and thought, "What the heck is that?" Well, that's what happened to us one day not too long ago.

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The battery pack is made of 176 Panasonic 18650 battery cells (60v 32ah) - similar to the cells found in Tesla's Model S and Model X battery packs.


First range check on our Surron light bee X.6 kw power, but how far can we go?Epic wide open, beautiful forest and the noise of our electric bikes.Our first.

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Introduction The Surron X, also known as SUR-RON X Light Bee, or Surron eBike, is a lightweight electric dirt bike. In other words, it is like a hybrid between a dirt bike and a mountain bike. Surprisingly, it combines the best from both worlds.

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What is Sur-Ron? Sur-Ron is a global electric motorbike brand, founded in 2014. The company is headquartered in Shenzen, China, and also has branches in the US, UK, and Canada. In 2018, Sur-Ron released the first iteration of their "Light Bee" electric motorbike, which became well known within the two-wheeled community as "the Sur-Ron."

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The Surron Light Bee X is premium electric technology accessible today, with 6 kW of electric power, 75 km of cruising range, a top speed of 75 km/h, and a curb weight of under 56 kg. The Surron Light Bee X has become a worldwide craze due to its ease of use, edgy design, lack of emissions, and quiet riding.

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The Electric Light Bee SUR-RON X packs a ton of fun for all terrain riding. 60V and more of peak power from a removable Panasonic Lithium ion battery pack. Forged light weight alloy frame combined with hi-spec components. 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear. LCD dash with USB charger point.

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The Surron is taking the USA by storm. Mid drive electric bike that you can ride anywhere. Fast, long range, and reliable. SurRon USA is one of the first to introduce this bike and we are proud to continue the tradition offering both bikes and upgrade parts. Electric Performance.

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Sur Ron Light Bee X - Top speed of the stock Sur Ron X bike straight out of the box in sport mode is reported to be 32mph - with one quick adjustment you can make the Sur Ron go faster up to 47mph / 75 kph which I will discuss below.

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What is a surron's top speed? The Surron electric bike, also known as the Sur-Ron Light Bee, has a top speed of approximately 45 mph (72 km/h) in its stock configuration. However, it's important to note that the top speed can vary depending on a variety of factors, including rider weight, terrain, and any modifications made to the bike.

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How Fast Does A Sur Ron Go? - Electric Dirt Bikes .net Home - Sur-Ron How Fast Does A Sur Ron Go? By Graham May 20, 2022 How fast does a Sur Ron go is one of the first questions people want to know when buying a Sur Ron bike.

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Today we will show you how to unlock the top speed for the Sur Ron X Electric Dirt Bike. The bike comes with speed limitation from the manufacturer but we ar.