A Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta May Fetch 4.5 Million at Online Auction

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LaFerrari, project name F150, is a limited production mid-engine, mild hybrid sports car built by Italian automotive manufacturer Ferrari. LaFerrari means "The Ferrari" in Italian, meaning this is supposed to be the definitive Ferrari. Design development. Nine conceptual design studies were considered for the V12 hybrid flagship in 2011.

How Much Does A Laferrari Cost All The Best Cars

27 Ferrari has finally joined the battle to build the world's greatest sports car with its new Ferrari LaFerrari . It's set up to fight the impressive McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder - and.

How Much Does A Laferrari Cost All The Best Cars

LaFerrari's 6.3-litre V12 hybrid power plant produces 950hp (788hp at 6750rpm from the V12 and 160hp courtesy of the electric motor, which delivers the power to the differential). The car's dry weight is a meagre 1255kg, and on a charge 0-60 is dispatched in under three seconds. Top speed is rated by Ferrari as somewhere north of 217mph.

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The Ferrari LaFerrari launches as a new-generation plug-in hybrid hypercar that is a big step up from the Ferrari Enzo. Combined, its 6.3-liter V12 engine and hybrid drivetrain with KERS energy.

A Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta May Fetch 4.5 Million at Online Auction

What is it? The Ferrari LaFerrari - or just LaFerrari if you will - is the apogee of Ferrari's current roadcar programme: a carbon, two-seat hypercar that melds a 6.3-litre Ferrari V12 with a.

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Overview LaFerrari 2dr Cpe Package Includes Price starting at $1,420,112 Vehicle EPA Classification Two Seaters Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive Engine Engine Order Code NA Engine Type and Required.

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Call for miles RM Sothebys Promoted Ferrari Ferrari LaFerrari 2015 - 818 Miles $4,275,000 $80,675/month Inquire Call - (888) 603-6681 Ferrari South Bay 21 cars on duPont REGISTRY 90505, Torrance, 23305 Hawthorne Blvd 8 years on duPont REGISTRY Website Promoted 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari $4,275,000 818 miles

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Even Herjavec's friends get to take the LaFerrari out for a drive, after a reminder that it's an irreplaceable, hugely expensive car, and there's a $25,000 deductible on the insurance.

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2015 By Eric Stafford Overview Above sports cars, there are exotic sports cars—and then there's the LaFerrari. Its 789-hp V-12 gets a 161-hp boost from an electric motor—that's right, it's a.

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The LaFerrari's price topped £1 million when new, but that's irrelevant - it's long since sold out. Technical highlights? The 6.3-litre V12 revs to 9250rpm and develops 789bhp at 9000rpm for a.

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Like the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918, it represents top-tier motorsports-derived technology, such as the hand-laid carbon-fiber tub prepared by the Formula 1 team, and the company's vision of future.

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Discover the finest selection of used Ferrari cars for sale in USA and contact your nearest Official Ferrari Dealers to request more info about specs, prices and availability.

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Discover all the specifications of the LaFerrari, 2013: dimensions, wheel and tyres, suspension, and performance.

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Quote>"The 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari is one of the quickest production car ever created by Ferrari. In their initial Ferrari LaFerrari performance tests, Automobile Magazine was able to reach 1/4 mile in just 9.6 seconds at 157 mph." 😯. Confirmed on the Zeperfs database albiet in km/h>. https://ibb.co/f11qfRp.

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By: Christopher Smith Ferraris are as much rolling works of art as they are automobiles. Unfortunately, they're also priced like exquisite museum pieces, with the least-expensive model still.

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September 25, 2023 in Ferrari News, LaFerrari, Specs Ferrari Ferrari once again engineered and produced an iconic, praise-worthy hypercar that beckons any enthusiast its way. Not only is the LaFerrari one of the highest performance road cars Ferrari has ever produced, but it couples its 6.3-liter V12 with a 161 horsepower hybrid system.