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How to Sell a Motorcycle

Selling a motorcycle is a fairly simple process. Collect the agreed upon payment for the bike. Hand over the keys. Sign the release portion of the title and hand it over to the buyer. Create, fill out, and sign a bill of sale (keep one for yourself and give one to the buyer). Refer to your state to determine if the license plates stay with you.

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Craigslist: Post your motorcycle in your city or make your classified ad visible outside the area. The fee for a motorcycle ad is $5. Facebook Marketplace: Sell your motorcycle locally or shipped through Facebook. Users in your targeted area can see ads for your motorcycle and message you directly.

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How To Sell A Motorcycle For Top Dollar 2021 Clearview Shields

Take authentic photos in natural daylight that won't wash the motorcycle out. Avoid using stock photography. Further, include various angles and as many up-close shots as possible. This will let.

How To Sell A Motorcycle For Top Dollar 2021 Clearview Shields

Submit the original to the DMV to prove that you no longer own the motorcycle. Transfer the title to the new owner by completing the bottom portion of it. The new owner will then have to request a new title to be issued in their name. Make a copy or take a picture of the title before you hand it over.

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His offices are located at 235 Montgomery St., Ste 668, San Francisco, CA 94104 and at 3140 Chapman St. Oakland, CA 94601. For more information, please call (800) 928-1511. Selling a motorcycle can be an overwhelming process. This content will guide you through how to successfully sell a motorcycle in 2022.

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Ask local H-D™ dealers for a trade-in offer or proposal to buy your bike - any brand. ASK DEALERS FOR OFFER. List your bike for sale. Present your motorcycle with a listing on the H-D1™ Marketplace. It's just $7.50/month to showcase your bike to thousands of visitors and dealers across the country.

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4. Bring Back-Up when Selling Your Motorcycle. When it comes to a private sale, stay safe and have back-up with you when selling a motorcycle. If you're open to a second opinion when selling, your back-up may even help mediate the transaction to ensure everything is fair with the bike's value when considering offers from buyers.


4) Be flexible. Not everyone can have cash available on short notice. If it makes the difference between having or losing a sale, I will take a cash deposit, on agreement that the buyer will pay out the remainder by a set date. You can also have them receive a partial payment receipt, similar to the Bill of Sale.

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Buff out minor scratches and putting on a fresh coat of wax as well. If your bike as any well-worn areas that could use a touch-up, now would be an excellent time to apply a new coat of paint. Try to match the new sheen and color closely as you can to the old color so that the new paint job goes on with ease. You will also need to do a tune-up.

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Collect Payment. Once you have agreed upon a final sale price with the buyer, it's time to collect payment and complete the sale. Remember that not every buyer will have both cash and financing as a payment option. If you're selling a bike for $2,000, most people will likely show up with cash.

How to Sell a Motorcycle

How Our Cash Offer Tool Streamlines the PROCESS. One of the fastest ways to sell your motorcycle online is by utilizing our Cash Offer tool. This tool provides an efficient way to get a preliminary cash offer for your bike. Just enter your bike's details into the user-friendly online form, and let us work our magic.

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The fastest way to sell a motorcycle online is to follow these steps: Get your motorcycle, scooter or ATV ready. Make any repairs, clean or detail your bike, and collect all the paperwork and maintenance records. Take lots of high-quality and detailed photos. If you can make a video and include it with your listing, it'll help your dirt or.

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Leave it cold. Unless you've got something to hide, show the seller how the bike runs cold. (Obviously, this is not possible if you are riding to a meeting place.) A bike that starts easily and without undue noise or drama usually indicates that it's in good tune and probably not much of a purchase risk mechanically.

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