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In an incident that was captured on the owner's dashcam, they were pulled over while driving their Elantra N at around 10:48 p.m. on August 29, 2022. After the officer asks for the year of the.

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CA cops are targeting all cars violating the new noise law. Hyundai is the problem here, shouldn't offer that Race mode option in CA, its a simple ECU reprogram to remove it. Then the owner can sue Hyundai for selling him a car advertised to have Race mode and then removed it, I'm sure there are class action attorneys searching for Hyundai.

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The driver responds that the car is in track mode, but fully stock, even offering to let the police officer take a look under the bonnet. The officer dismisses this and escalates the situation.

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#1 ยท Jan 28, 2023 To those GT500 drivers on California, what are you hearing about using track mode exhaust & legality? There has been a viral video floating around of a dash cam from a 2022 Hyundai driver being stopped for using "track mode" on the street. Check out the interaction with a quite aggressive cop.

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A few months ago, officer Langsdon Canright pulled-over the Hyundai Elantra N for "backfiring & making noise". Shockingly: The exhaust was bone stock. The Elantra N was simply in its factory-equipped N Mode, which is Hyundai's sport/track mode that sharpens-up the driving experience. Upon hearing that information, officer Canright.

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Dec. 18, 2022 11:27 AM ET by Anthony Capretto Offbeat / Comments The owner has a February court date to resolve the matter. We have a short update on the Hyundai Elantra N exhaust story we wrote.

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As was mentioned before, this is the default setting for the exhaust. Many other cars have the same setup with a variable exhaust valve. 2020 Veloster N w/PP, Chalk White (mine) 2020 Road and Track Performance Car of the Year. 2022 Genesis GV70, 3.5T Sport Prestige, Saville Silver (hers) 2022 Motor Trend SUV of the Year. Save.

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The California owner of a 2022 Hyundai Elantra N is stuck between a rock and a hard place, with a police officer suspending the car's registration over its noise output. The kicker? The vehicle.

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Curated by HotCars Autos Driving Supercars Sports Cars Classic Cars Continue to read 7 stories in this Storyboard The Truth Behind California's Law On Using Track Mode On The Street - Nyle Molina The internet has been buzzing about a Hyundai customer, and their situation involving a traffic stop.

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Published: 3 Oct 2022, 19:26 UTC โ€ข By: Silvian Irimia When put on the N mode, the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N has a powerful and incredible sound from its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. However,.

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Oct. 04, 2022 6:46 AM ET by Gerhard Horn Offbeat / 35 Comments This California-based police officer opened up a Pandora's Box of legislation. Update: Hyundai Motor America sent a statement via.

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According to the police officer, it is illegal to drive the car in track mode and the car would not pass an inspection unless the software was removed - increasing the cost to $US7000 ($AU10,850). The police officer also told the owner he should sue the dealership for not telling him it was illegal to use track mode on public roads. View 5 images

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Yes, I know I shouldn't have said I was in track mode. This was actually my first time being pulled over ever and I was super anxious at the time.. If I'm understanding the outcome correctly, Hyundai effectively allowed California to bully a 50 State Legal, fully factory vehicle off the road so the vehicle's compliance wouldn't be argued in.

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The Truth Behind California's Law On Using Track Mode On The Street. California cops are cracking down on loud exhausts, and even cars with stock exhausts are in trouble if they're louder in the go-fast modes.. The internet has been buzzing about a Hyundai customer, and their situation involving a traffic stop..

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Published Dec 29, 2022 Hyundai are stepping in to help an owner of an Elantra N out, after a cop deemed the stock exhaust on the car was in fact too loud. Hyundai Many of us have probably experienced the effects of an exhaust that is a bit too loud. Usually, this is on a modified car that has taken things perhaps a bit too far.