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Oldsmobile 442 Highlights The Rise and Fall of the Oldsmobile 4-4-2 The Oldsmobile 4-4-2, affectionately known as the Four-Four-Two, was a performance-oriented muscle car born from the F-85 and Cutlass models.

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The Oldsmobile 4-4-2 (also known as the 442) is a muscle car produced by Oldsmobile between the 1964 and 1987 model years. Introduced as an option package for US-sold F-85 and Cutlass models, it became a model in its own right from 1968 to 1971, spawned the Hurst/Olds in 1968, then reverted to an option through the mid-1970s.

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7 Photos The odometer hadn't even hit 50,000 miles yet; just 46,000 miles were on the clock. The front clip had N.O.S. fenders, grilles, and bumper. From the doors back, it still had the original.

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1967 Oldsmobile 442. Since it had been introduced in 1964, the 442 package had been made available on both the lower priced F-85 midsized car and the higher-end Cutlass model.. 1967 Olds 442 Specs; 1967 Olds 442 Pictures; 1967 Olds 442 Reviews; Engine Specifications. Type Size Carb Horse Power Tourqe; W-30: 400ci: 1x4bbl: 360 hp @ 5000 rpm.

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With the new engine option, maximum horsepower for the 442 package was upped to 360. By 1966, it was clear that the muscle car craze was in America to stay - well, for a little while, at least. In fact, the future of the class was unclear even the previous year, when Car Life magazine wrote of the 442: "It oozes out 345 horsepower without.

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Pictures and History of the Olds 442 442 by Oldsmobile The Olds 442 is one of my favorite classic muscle cars of all time. On this page I included two great car videos that honor this rare Oldsmobile at the bottom. The fun Chicago video features the hard to find 1969 442 Oldsmobile convertible in the awesome black and red colors.

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Oldsmobile made the 442 from 1964-1980, 1985-1987, and 1990-1991. Of this time, only from 1968-1971 was the Oldsmobile 442 its own standalone vehicle, every other year it was an option for the Cutlass. Sales peaked in 1968 with more than 30,000, but most other years GM built less than 10,000.

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4 Photos. Only 2999 cars received the 442 package in 1964, but demand was high and Olds built about 25,000 units for '65, when 442 models -- now all two-doors -- got a 345-hp, 400-cubic-inch.

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About Outright Olds. Oldsmobile 442. Oldsmobile 442. (1964 - 1991) Released in the late summer of 1964, the 442 was, at first, a parts bin special. Squeezed out the door as a GTO-competitor. Oldsmobile basically took the B09 police option (290hp 330 V-8, HD suspension), mated it with the already available 4 speed, added dual exhaust options.

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Popular Indianapolis, Indiana May 22, 2021 Classic Oldsmobile 442 Muscle Car Lebanon, TN - May 14, 2022: Wide angle front corner view of a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W30 Coupe at a local car show. Des Moines, IA - July 03, 2022: High perspective front corner view of a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible at a local car show.

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Home Car Renders This New Oldsmobile 442 Makes Today's Muscle Cars Look Dull With Its Restomod Style By Dave O'Callaghan Published Dec 10, 2022 It's a complete muscle car render whose lines and styling look ready for the streets or drag strip in 2022. Rostislav Prokop / HotCars

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1-15 16-19 Featured Private Seller CC-1790829 1969 Oldsmobile 442 BEAUTIFUL 442 Convertible! 58k miles Electric convertible with brand new motor, brand new adjustable. $99,900 (OBO) Dealership Showcased CC-1775486 1969 Oldsmobile 442 The 4-4-2 (also known as the 442) is a muscle car produced by Oldsmobile from 1964 - 1987. Ori. $39,900

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But as enthusiasts rediscover the excitement the 4-4-2 offers, demand is on the rise. Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of the 1969 edition, brimming with power, styling and a slew of performance options when new. ENGINE. To reiterate, Oldsmobile continued to make use of its 400-cu.in. engine for the 1969 season of the 4-4-2.

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The 442 was officially made its own model in 1968. The special limited edition Hurst/Olds was introduced and produced nearly 400 horsepower. Completely redesigned from the previous year, the 442 sported the then-popular fastback design for the first time ever.