Watch Jim Morrison Totally Thrash “Blue Lady” his 1967 Shelby GT500

Jim Morrison's Lost 1967 Shelby (Pending)

Morrison drove his Shelby hard and without regret. As the legend goes, when Morrison crashed the Shelby on the famous Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. He grew frustrated waiting for either the police or tow company to show up, so he went down the street to a bar to continue partying. When he came back, the Shelby was gone, and nobody knows where.

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Dec 18, 2015 Video unavailable Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner Watch on YouTube Watch on If the Doors' Jim Morrison was alive today it's likely the first.

Watch Jim Morrison Totally Thrash “Blue Lady” his 1967 Shelby GT500

Jim Morrison is easily found at a graveyard in Paris, but the whereabouts of the car he dubbed "Blue Lady" remains a mystery fifty years after the celebrity and the Lizard King's death. Morrison's fabulous freebie Jim Morrison with The Doors in 1970 | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

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Jim Morrison was a poet who dreamed of becoming a filmmaker. When destiny knocked, he answered the door—technically, The Doors —and quickly became a rock legend. Morrison's meteoric rise to fame and his reign as frontman for the iconic California band lasted only six years.

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SkeleSteve tells a story of the Missing Ford Mustang that was owned by the lead sing of the doors, Jim Morrison.Please like, comment, and share this video.Su.

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The VIN for Jim Morrison's Shelby GT500 is known to a few but is not common knowledge, so I can't tell readers how close this car was in production numbers to Morrison's.

Watch Jim Morrison Totally Thrash “Blue Lady” his 1967 Shelby GT500

Jim Morrison, the late frontman of The Doors and rock-and-roll legend, led a true rockstar life that still captures the imaginations of many music fans to this day. To contribute to Morrison's mysterious, larger-than-life persona was his car: a 1967 Ford Shelby GT500, lovingly dubbed "The Blue Lady" (via Hagerty ).

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Jim Morrison driving his 1967 Shelby G.T. 500. The clip is from the film "When You're Strange" (directed by Tom DiCillo) which is in turn borrowed from the m.

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One Friday night Morrison, driving recklessly, hit a telephone pole on Sunset Blvd and proceeded to jump out of the car and started to inspect the damage. Frustrated, he walked up the road to the Whiskey A- Go-Go and continued his evening. Hours later he walked back to the Shelby and by now the car was gone. Now the mystery starts.

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Jim Morrison owned a powerful car from the 1960s, a Shelby GT500, and it was no surprise. Morrison was drawn to the GT500 due to its ability to accelerate quickly, and he had every reason to do so.

Watch Jim Morrison Totally Thrash “Blue Lady” his 1967 Shelby GT500

The Doors was an American rock band which formed in Los Angeles, California, United States in 1965. The band consisted of Jim Morrison (vocals), Ray Manzarek (organ), Robby Krieger (guitar) and John Densmore (drums). In this configuration, the band released six albums, all of which were successful and released two US #1 hit singles - 1967's.

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NEW, MUCH CLEARER FOOTAGE HERE. is Jim Morrison's experimental film "HWY - An American Pastoral" from 1969. I edited it for.

Watch Jim Morrison Totally Thrash “Blue Lady” his 1967 Shelby GT500

A mystery surrounds the Mustang Shelby GT500 that The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison once loved and adored; it remains unsolved almost 52 years after his death. To understand it, we first.

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The only fact that has been confirmed is that Jim Morrison did indeed own a '67 Shelby GT500 according to a California registration. So, in effect, the story itself is a mystery. One version says that his record company, Electra Records, gave Morrison a 67 GT500 in night mist blue to thank him for his work on his album, "The Doors."

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Late Doors frontman Jim Morrison was born 80 years ago this Friday, December 8, and both of the band's surviving members, guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore, have plans to mark.

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As lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison became a rock legend and died of a drug overdose at the too early age of 27 back in 1971. And as it turns out, he once owned a mist blue 1967 Shelby.