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A D V E R T I S E M E N T S. Just bought a Kia Telluride Friday 7/9. The next day, the instrumentation screen (screen in front of steering wheel) started goes black intermittently, about 50% of.


Radio/Display Black. The other day out of the blue the display screen on my 2017 Kia Soul went black and now just displays "please insert usb" at the top of the screen. I've tried to hit the reset button, the Kia screen pops up but then it just goes right back to the same black screen. Dealership says the radio is no longer under warranty.

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#1 · Sep 7, 2021 Infotainment system screen went totally blank after starting the car this morning and would not even work when car was in reverse but radio / media was still working.

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Watch this video and learn how to calibrate the screen for free our website do the repair of your touch.

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A known issue with the 2021 Kia Carnival Platinum models is that the screen sometimes stays blacked out when starting the vehicle, almost as if the screen wa.

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Same issue, dealership replaced radio head but issue is still persistent. I was told Kia Is aware of the model wide issue and they are currently looking for a fix before they are allowing dealerships to replace the entire system. So basically a waiting game for Kia to decide how they are handling the recall as the entire infotainment is 6k a car.

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8" Touch screen with Bluetooth® multi-connection. Smartphone connectivity. Smart Key with Push Button Start. USB charging & 12V power. Elevate your experience with a vivid 8" colour LCD touch screen and Bluetooth® [B] multi-connection allowing you to connect two smartphones at the same time.

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#2 · Aug 17, 2021 Not exactly blank, but a few weeks ago my screen had a blue/purple tint to it one day and went back to normal color on its own. 2018 Sorento LX, 2.4-liter, FWD 2009 Borrego LX V6 RWD U.S.A. gunrunnerjohn Discussion starter 1348 posts · Joined 2013 #3 · Aug 17, 2021

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posted 2022-Oct-22, 2:59 pm AEST. O.P. I have a 2017 Cerato Sport and the screen has started fading to black with the Kia logo. While driving along and also while reversing. Not every trip, maybe 3 times a week. I have searched the internet and on Whirlpool threads but cannot see if anyone else has encountered this issue for the make and model.

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For more information about Kia's safety systems, please see your local Kia dealer or refer to your Kia vehicle's owner's manual. 1 DOHC - Dual Overhead Cam. 2 MPI - Multi Point Injection. 3 D-CVVT - Dual Continuous Variable Valve Timing. 4 GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection. 5 T-GDI Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection.

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Your KIA display screen remains unresponsive or black on ignition. The screen fails to display any visuals or information. Your screen is displaying, but experiencing erratic flickering can be an early symptom of KIA display screen issues. When you touch the screen, it does not respond or responds very late


Your Kia display screen may be damaged due to a blown fuse and it must be changed to get rid of the problem. Fuse boxes in your Kia are present in the hood, and near to the battery. Solution Before replacing the fuse, you have unplugged the negative connection from the battery terminal which will prevent further damage to the car.


There are 4 main types of SUVs in Australia. They are: - Light SUVs ( Kia Stonic) - Small SUVs ( Kia Seltos) - Medium SUVs ( Kia Sportage) - Large SUVs ( Kia Sorento, Kia EV6, Kia EV9) The main difference between SUV categories is the overall size, however other factors such as the engine size and power output can be considered.

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Something to do with the state of California not allowing dealers to do any work relating to the odometer. This will take 7-10 days. Frustrating on a vehicle which had about 500 miles on the clock at the time of the screen failure. The worst part though is having to drive their 100% gas Kia Soul loaner. Sent from my iPhone using Inside EVs

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#1 · Feb 15, 2019 I got my Niro premium 3 months ago. Today I started the car. Media screen is just black. No music, no navigation. Nothing. Tried apply play. No image. Shift gear to reverse, nothing shows either. Anyone had the same experience? What can I try to resolve this? Thanks Sort by Oldest first Roadkill401 567 posts · Joined 2018

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My screen in my 2015 kia optima went black. The radio goes in and out. When I put it in reverse the lines dont show and the screen flickers Chris (aka- Moose), Technician Kia You mentioned you are not fixing it yourself. Are you wanting to know what to expect at the dealer or some easy things to check like fuses? Chris (aka- Moose), Technician