This Pontiac GTO Looks Like Something Straight Out of 'Mad Max'

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Mad Max The Pursuit Special MFP Interceptor as it appeared in Mad Max The first car shown in the film with the title of Pursuit Special is a 1972 HQ Holden Monaro [1] V8 coupe stolen by Nightrider (played by Vince Gil), an escaped cop killer, who dies in an accident that destroys the vehicle.

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The Mad Max franchise has gifted moviegoers with an array of adrenaline-pumping car chases, stunts, and unforgettable vehicles since its inception in 1979. From the dusty Australian wastelands to the battle-scarred Fury Road, these cars have become synonymous with the spirit of the Mad Max films.

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Gallery 6. Being such an iconic car, it's hard to imagine the Interceptor as anything other than an Aussie XB hardtop, but as it turns out, the movie car was initially set to be based on an early Mustang. But because the car had to be fully functional and driven hard for the film, parts needed to be readily available, so the Mustang was.

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Published Apr 30, 2020 Al Yasid Oozear helps us to imagine what a modern Mustang-based Pursuit Special would look like. Via Al Yasid Oozear on Instagram The engaging lunacy that is Mad Max will see a spinoff in 2022 with Furiosa taking the spotlight.

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Re: [WIP] Building Mad Max-Style Cars for Tabletop Gaming Haven't seen the movie (yet), but the trailers alone have got me planning to revisit post-apocalyptic car gaming. I already have Car Wars and Warlands, but I want to play something big - 28mm. Time to start scouring garage sales for model cars, and the internet for some game rules.

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For the most part, people want to build either the Black Mad Max Interceptor (or Pursuit Special if you prefer), or one of the Yellow Interceptor / Pursuits from the first film. So at this stage there are only pages online detailing what's involved in building either of those cars. If people embark on building replicas of the other vehicles in.

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1. This modded Mad Max-style beamer is ready for battle Source: PornWizard420/Reddit As poster, Failed_Asstronaut, put it, this battle car "is an absolute abomination and desecration of one.

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1) Download the file called 2) Unzip the file. 3) Open the folder called MadMaxCars. 4)Grab both Meshes and Textures folders and the plugin called MadMaxCars.esp and drop them into your Data Folder (the one where your FalloutNV.exe and FalloutNVLauncher.exe are located). 5) Open Fallout Mod Manager or any other Mod Manager you.

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Make an Epic 'Mad Max'-Style Vehicle From an Old Toy Car Crosspost DIY Featured March 18, 2022 Lisa Tate It's spring break in many places, and gas prices are going crazy in many more. This means having a staycation and giving your toy cars a Mad Max -style makeover.

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By Aaron Spray Published Nov 2, 2021 The vehicles used in Mad Max: Fury Road are all made from a hodgepodge of real vehicles โ€” both old and experimental โ€” from all around the world. via Lloyds Mad Max Fury Road is an unforgettable movie awash with some of the most far out and extreme automotive artistic license.

This Pontiac GTO Looks Like Something Straight Out of 'Mad Max'

Disney reveals a Mad Max-inspired Lighting and Mater in the first concept art images for the upcoming Cars spinoff series, Cars on the Road. The upcoming Cars spinoff series, Cars on the Road, got some new concept artwork as a part of Disney+ Day.The new images showcase some of the adventures that Lightning McQueen and Mater are set to embark.

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The most recent episode teases a Mad Max-style car battle. Expert inventors and internet personalities Simone Giertz and Laura Kampf will be taking on Savage in the build and battle challenge.

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The supercharged, V8-powered black Ford Falcon Pursuit Special is a signature car of the Mad Max films, set in a dystopian Australia. A motorist from the Northern Territory took it upon themselves to modify their own Ford Falcon XC to look like the iconic vehicle.

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To make the Mad Max movies look like a post-apocalyptic world, the crew used recycled parts to enhance the look of the vehicles used. via GeekyTyrant. Mad Max began in 1979, with a dystopian thriller film by George Miller. This popular film starred Mel Gibson as "Mad" Max, and was set in a future Australia where revenge and murder become.