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McLaren Elva Makes Official Debut, is an Ultra Sleek Roadster with Over

The Elva is the latest from McLaren's 'Ultimate' series of limited edition cars, previous examples thereof being not just the Senna and Speedtail, but also the P1. Many years prior to that and, indeed, the adoption of that nomenclature, came the F1 in 1994, which is the true source of inspiration for all these cars, Elva included. We like

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The Elva is the latest addition to the lineup, a $1.8-million, 804-horsepower drop-top beast - the first 100% topless McLaren. But its name lacks the usual combo of letters and numbers..

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7-speed dual-clutch automatic DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 105.1 in Length: 181.5 in Width: 76.5 in Height: 42.8 in Cargo volume: 0 ft 3 Curb weight ( C/D est): 2950 lb PERFORMANCE (C/D EST) 60 mph: 2.6.

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The McLaren Elva is described as 'a ferociously fast open-cockpit car' and fits into the company's top-line Ultimate Series, following in the footsteps of the P1 and Senna and sitting.

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The McLaren Elva can reach a top speed of 203 MPH, thanks to a 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 with 802 bhp, 590 lb-ft of torque, and a curb weight of 2,798 pounds. In fact, the McLaren Elva is the lightest McLaren model yet, thanks to a full carbon fiber chassis design with only three panels.

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- 4.0-liter V-8- 804 horsepower- 590 pound-feet of torque- Most powerful V-8 in a McLaren- 0 to 62 in 3 seconds- More power than Senna- Slower than Senna to 62 mph- Seven-speed transmission-.

McLaren Elva Ultimate Mcleran Elva 2020 technobloga

The McLaren Elva is a master class in aerodynamics. Shaped to make full use of airflow. The Elva's Active Air Management System [AAMS] is a world first. Using two sculpted elements to guide high speed air over the cabin, it creates a turbulence-free zone for driver and passenger for total comfort and control.

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Behind the wheel of the 804 hp McLaren Elva, drivers can rocket from zero to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds—without a windscreen.. Otherwise, the top speed is 203 mph, but wind pressure on the.

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Published: 02 Jun 2021 Overview Driving Interior Buying Specs & Prices 1 / 20 " The Elva is an acquired taste but an unbelievable experience. A showcase in cross-pollinating eccentricity and.

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Engine: 4.0-litre TT V8, 804bhp, 590lb ft Transmission: 7spd DCT, RWD Performance: 0-62mph in 3.0secs est Top speed: 203mph Weight: 1,148kg Next article Speed Week 2023 View comments.

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Based on the McLaren 720S, the Elva has the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine under the hood, dialed up to 804 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, enabling 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The.

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The 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 rated at 815 PS (599 kW; 804 hp) and 800 N⋅m (590 lb⋅ft) of torque is shared with the Senna and the Speedtail and is the most powerful variant of McLaren's V8 engine. The engine is fitted with a flat-plane crankshaft, low-mass reciprocating components and a dry-sump lubrication system.

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McLaren claims the Elva will accelerate from zero to 62 mph in less than three seconds and from zero to 124 mph in just 6.7 seconds. For added context, that latter number makes the Elva.

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Safety-wide, the Elva comes standard with two airbags, ABS, three-stage traction control, and a rearview camera. 2021 Elva Roadster $1,830,000 Starting Price (MSRP) Engine: 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8.

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Air entering the large intake at the front of the Elva is directed through a series of vanes and turned through 130 degrees, exiting at high speed through a large vent on the front deck.

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The acceleration from 0-60mph (2.8secs) leaves you speechless. But when the traction is down and it's really up to speed, romping between third and fourth gear is a Chiron-esque sensation as the.