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To manually close a Mustang convertible top, locate the release lever inside the car, it's usually near the driver or passenger seat. Pull the lever to release the top then fold the front section down. Fold the rear section down as well. Be sure to tuck in any loose fabric or material.

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#1 · Apr 12, 2005 I'm not sure if it's because it is new and stiff, but getting my top to close is really tough! It will get within 1 1/2 to 2 inches of the windshield header then i have to pull it really hard to get it to the point where i can get the clamps to engage. I have to keep goosing the electric top button each time i pull at the top.

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#1 · Sep 23, 2012 1990 mustang convertible top question. How does it work specifically work? My top all of a sudden decides to not close, comes within 1" but will not close-help? Sort by Oldest first TexasMustang 1202 posts · Joined 2008 #2 · Sep 23, 2012 Has it been down or a while? It can shrink slightly.

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Assuming you mean the Ford Mustang: The top of the Mustang convertible can be closed by pressing a button on the key fob, which is located on the driver's side door. The process is automatic, and takes about 30 seconds to complete. Why Won T My Convertible Top Go Up?

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There is a certain section of the top that runs above the front and rear window. Sort of like a flap to cover the frame. Make sure it is not pinched up when closing the top. Also close top a little at a time and check to see if the frame joints are at the same angle all along the way to being closed. 2008 Metallic Alloy GT Convertible Premium.

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Specific steps are shown in the video to remove the rear seat bottom and back to gain access to the hydraulic pump and reservoir for the convertible top. Th.

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#2 · May 3, 2021 Did you drop the windows down a little before trying to lock the top to the windshield header? Do you have a Factory Shop Manual? It details the adjustments, but not really the sequence. When you just lay the top on the header without trying to clamp it down, is it skewed? Pics would help. Formerly of the Permanently Addicted.

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The part number I am referring to in the video is 8R3Z-19A434-A. I'm sure you can find it online anywhere if you just want to replace the whole thing. I tes.

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Step 01: At first, stop the car and make sure that the engine is still on to prevent battery discharge. Step 02: For parking, shift your gear stick or gear selector to "park" mode. If the ignition is still not on then turn the crankshaft for rotating the engine. Step 03: Look at the top of the car and you will find a handlebar.

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I suggest you try this test: If you can, raise the top manually, but don't latch it to the header. Next, see if you can still open it with the switch just 1/4 to 1/3 of the way; now it should be a lot easier to close. Finally, see if the switch and hydraulic system will close it from there. If yes, I would say the mechanism is weak (air in.

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Manually closing the convertible top on a Ford Mustang can be necessary if the automatic mechanism fails or if you need to do so for maintenance. Here's a general guide on how to manually close a Mustang convertible top: Note: Before attempting to manually close the convertible top, make sure the vehicle is parked on

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Fox Body Mustang Convertible Top Won't Close Conrado Rico 271 subscribers Subscribe 22 Save 763 views 2 years ago Show more Notice Age-restricted video (requested by uploader) It's cable.

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The sensor, switch whatever you call it in the latch mechanism is bad, or some relay or other part of that circuit. Why? Because if it were working the windows would lower. The top may not go down if there's a problem with the motor etc, but if the latch mechanism portion was working the windows would move. So it looks like the initial part of.

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#2 · Nov 16, 2020 Had the same problem with our 96, left in the up position, not clamped, let it relax Kept trying finally got it, top was definitely tight. We have been storing it with top down for the winter. This year put in garage, top up and sprayed with rejuvenating cleaner, I'll know next spring if it helped or not. Might try that on yours.