11 Great Used Cars with Great Fuel Economy Phil Long Dealerships

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The 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid has combined miles per gallon of 42. This Civic has a city MPG of 40 and a highway MPG of 45. This vehicle has 4 cylinders with an engine size of 1.3 liters. This vehicle has an automatic transmission type and can be compared to similar older models from 2003-2009.

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Here we have corralled 25 cars that are relatively frugal yet still fun, whether they be classic runabouts or semi-daily drivers from the 1990s, when fuel injection improved miles per gallon without clobbering smiles per gallon.

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$2000 to $15,000 For a brief moment in the mid-1980s, Ford took on BMW with the full-frontal assault of a turbocharged, four-cylinder Mustang. Surprisingly, it almost worked. Beginning in 1979 Ford.

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Chevrolet Corvair 5. Volkswagen Beetle 4. Chrysler K-Car 3. Ford Fairmont 2. Ford Model A 1. Mercedes 240D Are Classic Cars Fuel Efficient? Yes and no. It depends on the car and what you consider a classic. There are numerous fuel-efficient classic cars from the post-OPEC era; especially the 1980s.

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When shopping for a new car, what is the most important factor you look for? According to Statista, it's not design, quality, or even safety—it's fuel efficiency. Because of this, automakers are always looking for clever ways to improve gas mileage in their cars.

11 Great Used Cars with Great Fuel Economy Phil Long Dealerships

11 July 2014 Share Classic American cars, while full of style and presence, weren't known for their ability to stretch miles out of a gallon of fuel. These are five of our favorite exceptions to the rule, all capable of at least 20 mpg: Win a $50 gas card: Share your best memory in a classic car.

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The 2014 Scion tC is a good choice if you're looking for a spacious compact car. The front seats have solid head- and legroom, and the rear seats fit adults comfortably. There's also lots of cargo room thanks to this car's hatchback design. You get 14.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats and 34.5 cubic feet behind the first row.

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Toyota Toyota 2022 Ford Escape FWD HEV: 41 MPG Combined We include an SUV only to prove how far hybrid technology has come. As you can see from the Prius above, it had to have a dull body and.

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1950 Nash 600: The proof is in the title. This car claimed to be able to travel 600 miles on a single tank of gas. This full size car had a 20 gallon tank and a small flathead V-6. Offered through 1950 this was the go to car for fuel efficiency that the entire family could pile into.

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And therein lies the secret to great fuel economy: your driving style. Be dainty enough with the gas, and you can get from A to B on fumes, even if you're driving a Jenson Interceptor. Tuning for Increased MPGs. There's nothing wrong with installing some parts that make it easier to drive less aggressively. Many classic cars are geared very.

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The EPA's fueleconomy.gov website compiled the top 10 most fuel-efficient cars of the past 25 years, which we present you below. 1. 2000 Honda Insight: 49/61/53 mpg city/highway/combined. 2.

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Lotus Elite — 38 mpg. Nash Metropolitan — 37.5 mpg. Austin-Healey Sprite — 36 mpg. Morris Minor — 35 mpg. MG Midget — 35 mpg. Fiat X1/9 — 34 mpg. Off the list, if cost were no object, we'd probably look for a slightly scruffy but mechanically sound Porsche 356 sunroof coupe. The combination of reliability and practicality is hard.

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With gas prices on the rise (and seemingly no end in sight), many people are on the lookout for something to get them from point A to point B without too much damage to their bank account. Here's.

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Shopping for a used Versa? Nissan completely redesigned the Versa for 2020 and has refreshed it for 2023, but only slightly. That means any model from 2020-2022 will look similar to the 2023 shown above. Find a Used Versa 2. 2023 Mitsubishi Mirage 2023 Mitsubishi Mirage / Credit: Mitsubishi Price: $16,245 Fuel Economy: 39 mpg *

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Used Trucks With the Best Gas Mileage. 1. Used Hyundai Ioniq • 58 mpg. 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid / Credit: Hyundai. Model Years: 2017-2022. What We Like: Available in hybrid or plug-in hybrid versions. What We Don't: Interior not as nice as rivals. Hyundai introduced the Ioniq Hybrid for the 2017 model year.