Kia Soul Hamster Battleground Commercial YouTube

2013 Kia Soul Hamsters TV Commercial, 'Bright Lights' Kia soul, Kia

Kia's hamsters started as a play on the banal existence of nine-to-fivers in the rat race, but evolved over the years into fun-loving cartoonish partiers. Seven years since they were.

The Kia Soul Hamster Commercials A New World On Wheels

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Kia Soul Hamster Commercial in HD(High Definition) YouTube

Let's take a look through time at the Kia Soul Hamster commercials from their debut to now! *There are several versions of some commercials featuring different songs* View Kia Soul: Inventory - Specials 2010 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial Song: Goldfish - Fort Knox 2010 Superbowl Kia Soul Hamster Commercial Song: Black Sheep - The Choice is Yours

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Jason Udy Words. May 26, 2016. Kia's iconic hamsters have returned for a musical-themed 2016 Kia Soul hatchback commercial. The new 60-second spot will first debut in theaters in National.

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May 27, 2010 Kia 's original advertisements for the 2010 Soul placed giant hamsters behind the wheel. Those same furry creatures appear once more in Kia's new "This or That" ad campaign --.

Kia Soul Hamster 2010) YouTube

The first Kia Soul hamster commercial juxtaposes hamsters spinning on their wheels with the monotony of suburban life. This groundhog's day is busted up in the nick of time as the Kia Soul hamsters arrive in a trail-blazing, head-turning car.

The KIA hamster spokesrodent at the 2012 New York Auto Show

The girl in the Carnival Kia commercial in Nashville is named Dessie. The commercial was part of the Super Bowl XLVI lineup of commercials.

Musical Hamsters Return for 2016 Kia Soul Commercial (W/Video)

In this commercial, a Kia Soul hamster song called "The Choice is Yours" is featured by Black Sheep. The song's lyric "this or that" is repeated throughout the ad, reminding us all that we have a choice: whether to drive a mundane car or an exciting new Kia Soul. In the latest commercial, Kia introduces the new Kia Soul Turbo.

Kia Soul Hamster Battleground Commercial YouTube

The original hamsters were suburbanites who helped introduce the Kia Soul in 2009. They won the auto-show award for 2010. While other hamster commuters spun their exercise wheels, those.

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The new 2010 Kia Soul makes it's way into the automotive market with the hamster commercial. See More details at

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The Kia Soul'ster concept car is an open-air concept conveys an industrial look. With dual chrome exhaust, 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels, and a prominent roll bar. All innovative design features derived from the original Soul Learn more about the Kia Soul'ster.. and a prominent roll bar combine into an innovative perspective derived from the.

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Suspenders? Check. Hi-tech lasers? Check. Holograms and dancing Hamsters? Double check. Get ready to geek out with the Hamsters as they create Kia's first el.

Ad of the Day Kia continues its series of hamsters ads with a cheerful

Idea is from our Favorite Commercial the Kia Soul Hamster Commercial check it out here on You Tube. Fosters Lawncare and Landscaping is a professional full.

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The ad's Kia-driving hamsters portray an alternative to the tedium as they drive past envious fellow critters stuck in unmoving wheels. Sold-out Souls Kia, which is based in Seoul, South.

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The original commercial for the Kia Soul wasn't quite like anything else in car ads. While it was computer-animated and probably not cheap to produce, the full one-minute spot received.