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2023 Tesla Model 3 Long Range - Specs & Features More about the 2023 Model 3 Select a trim Most Popular Long Range 4dr Sedan AWD electric DD Starting MSRP $47,240 EV Tax Credits &.

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With the updated Model 3 already available in parts of the world, an updated Model Y will follow.. 2023, 06:44pm EST.. In this aerial view newly completed Tesla Model Y electric cars.

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The 2023 Tesla Model 3 continues its reign of range, performance and convenience that's hard to beat for an electric sedan. But uneven tech features persist.

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Tesla's new and reintroduced Model 3 Long Range AWD has received an EPA-estimated range of 333 miles. For almost a year, Tesla stopped selling its Model 3 Long Range AWD in the US. CEO Elon Musk.


Model 3 2024 Tesla Model 3 Starting at $ 42,000 est 8.5 / 10 C/D RATING Tesla Select a year 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 Highs Entertaining handling, speedy acceleration, one.

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The new facelifted Tesla Model 3 is finally on sale in the UK having been first revealed at the 2023 Munich Motor Show.Alongside the new exterior design also comes additional range, keeping the.

The Incredible 2023 Tesla Model 3 Review » Autocars Media

What is the range of a 2023 Tesla Model 3. The estimated electric range for the 2023 Model 3 varies from trim to trim, running between 272 miles for the Standard and 358 miles for the Long Range.

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The recommended spec The Tesla Model 3 that Edmunds recommends is the Long Range model. It has a powerful dual-motor electric all-wheel-drive system, supplies an EPA-estimated 358 miles.

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The all-electric 2023 Tesla Model 3 is the company's smallest and most affordable car, yet it can still manage a range of more than 300 miles. Pricing starts at $40,240. The Model 3 has.

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Model 3 Tesla Model 3: range, battery & charging Not only does the Tesla Model 3 offer superb range, but full access to the amazing Supercharger network by Tom Jervis, Richard Ingram 30 Oct 2023 1 Verdict 2 Range, battery & charging 3 Running costs & insurance 4 Performance, motor & drive 5 Interior, dashboard & comfort 6

Tesla Range Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Review The Perfect Mix Of

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the range and efficiency of the 2023 Tesla Model 3 is the same as in 2022. In previous years, the company usually boosted the.

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2023 Tesla Model 3 RWD Features and Specs. Year * 2023. Style, Configuration, Engine. AC Permanent Magnet -inc: 272 mi estimated range. Transmission: 1-Speed Automatic. Rear-Wheel Drive. 9.00.

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Model 3 is fully electric with 333 miles of estimated range, so you never need to visit a gas station again. You can charge at home anytime, or plug in on the road with access to over 50,000 Superchargers worldwide. Chat with a Tesla Advisor to learn more about Model 3 or schedule a demo drive today. Go Anywhere Plan My Trip 0 Miles

Tesla unveils faster and more powerful Model 3 dual motor AWD and

$ 43,990 - 53,990 MSRP ZIP Code Get Quotes 2023 Tesla Model 3 Review By Adrian Taylor | Edited by Mark Hayes | December 11, 2023 Other Years: 2023 2022 2021 2020

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The 2023 Tesla Model 3 starts at $41,880 and goes up to $54,880. The base trim level comes with just one motor driving the rear wheels, but all others have two motors and all-wheel drive..

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Tesla announced today that it will lose the entire $7,500 federal tax credit on Model 3 RWD and Long Range, the two least expensive versions of the popular electric car, starting next year.