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1,300 HP Shelby GT500 “Code Red” Promises Code Brown Performance

The GT500 CODE RED features a hand built twin turbocharged V8 pumping out up to 1,300 horsepower and 1,000 foot pounds of torque. In addition to the completely updated powertrain setup, each CODE RED Mustang receives suspension, cooling and aesthetic upgrades.

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2008 GT500 Code Red - this 5.4-liter V8 Mustang is the predecessor to the model we focus on today, with over 900 horsepower making it to the rear wheels. Sadly, it was deemed 'too much' for a production car back in 2008, but technological advancements mean a high-power muscle car can be easier tamed for production purposes in 2020.

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The Code Red is an experimental car, so Shelby will only build it in limited numbers. The plan right now is to produce 30 examples of the upgraded muscle car, one for the past three model.

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Starting at $209,995, only 30 units of the Red Code will be produced - ten each for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 model years. Let's dive into the ridiculously powerful Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Code Red, discussing all the outrageous features it has to offer, and why it's an absolute must-have Shelby Mustang.

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Shelby American has the answer in the form of its new Code Red upgrade for the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. The upgrade is priced from a steep $209,995, and that doesn't include the cost of the.

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CODE RED boasts 1,000+ horsepower and 780-foot pounds of torque on 93 octane pump gas with up to 1,300 horsepower and 1,000-foot pounds of torque on E85 Ethanol.". What uniquely shapes the CODE RED engine bay is the lack of showcasing its turbo system. Instead the turbos are mounted indiscreetly and the intercooler is located where the.

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The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Code Red is a unique package that owners can add to the already-powerful GT500. Ford offers a wide range of Ford Mustang models, with the entry-level version being the EcoBoost Fastback which starts at just $27,470. Ford also released two convertible models and a few performance models as well.

Shelby Mustang GT500 Code Red twinturbo V8 with antilag, 1,300 hp, 1,356 Nm, RM940k for

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The Shelby Mustang GT500 Code Red Is A 1,300HP Beast With a Major Limitation By Alina Moore Published Aug 22, 2022 Unfortunately it is not street-legal Last week we got the first rumors about.

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Insane Loud 5.0 Mustang with 2 Step and Straight pipe IS THE 1,300HP SHELBY GT500 CODE RED WORTH $300,000? It's cable reimagined No DVR space limits. No long-term contract. No hidden fees. No.


Aftermarket Ford Coupe Performance Start the Conversation Shelby is making 30 units of a heavily-modified Ford Mustang GT500 called Code Red and powered by a 1,300-horsepower.

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As the moniker suggests, the GT500 Code Red is a fiery steed under the hood. With a mind-boggling 1,300 horsepower when running on E85 Ethanol, Shelby's latest marvel brings the term 'muscle.

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The Mustang Shelby GT500 is already a pretty bold statement. Supercharging 5.2 litres of cross-plane V8 until it makes 750bhp and bolting the result to a Mustang is never going to be a wallflower.

Race Red 2013 Ford Mustang

The Code Red runs $209,995 not including the cost of the donor car. Shelby will happily return your carbon fiber wheels to you if you opted for them on the GT500, but the brand keeps the rest.

Shelby GT500 Code Red Debuts As TwinTurbocharged Monster

By Jack Fitzgerald Published: Aug 23, 2022 Shelby American Shelby American announced a limited production run of a 1300-horsepower variant of the Ford Mustang GT500, named the GT500 Code Red..