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Their trips mostly explored the stretch of Route 66 between Tulsa, OK and Kingman, AZ which is the more "western" portion of the route. While the name "Radiator Springs" may draw inspiration from places like Baxter Springs, KS or Peach Springs, AZ, the physical setting of Radiator Springs seems to be placed somewhere in Arizona.

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Route 66 Beckons. Located at the far end of Route 66 and nestled in the striking Ornament Valley mountain range, Radiator Springs Racers is the highlight of Cars Land. The intermittent vroom! of racecars as they roar past and jockey for position lures guests into the ride.

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A 1937 Ford truck sits on Main Street in Galena, Kansas, one of the main inspirations for the fictionalized Route 66 town of Radiator Springs in the movie "Cars". (Photo by Andrew Evans, National.

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The true Route 66 origins behind Radiator Springs. Since it opened over a decade ago, the beautiful vistas of Cars Land - based on the town of Radiator Springs from the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise - have helped the land become the defining area of Disney's California Adventure theme park. ©Disney. However, both the theme park and film environments were inspired by the real world Route 66.

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Welcome to Seligman, Arizona- the REAL Radiator Springs! While on a tour of the Mother Road in 2001, the Pixar team found inspirations for their hit 2006 fil.

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Radiator Springs is surrounded by the desert, and is not near any large cities, so Radiator Springs must be on Route 66 in either California, Arizona, or New Mexico. According to The Art of Cars, Radiator Springs is located in between Gallup, New Mexico, and Kingman, Arizona [citation needed] (which both can be heard in the end credits song.

Radiator Springs Route 66 Examples and Forms

Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park takes guests on a road trip down Route 66 and through the quaint town of Radiator Springs from Pixar's Cars.Featuring whimsical nods to the Cars world, all-American fare the whole family will love, and one of the best rides at Disneyland, Cars Land is well worth a pit stop during your day at California Adventure Park.

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Best Camping Near the Real Radiator Springs Historic Route 66 General Store & RV Park. There are plenty of excellent RV parks and campgrounds between Williams and Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon area. However, the Route 66 General Store and Park has the best camping in Seligman. We recommend an overnight stop there with days left open for the.

Radiator Springs Route 66 Examples and Forms

That said, there are in fact many areas of Arizona that are reminiscent of the nature surrounding Radiator Springs so you don't necessarily need to drive through Sitgreaves Pass to feel those vibes. IN CONCLUSION. That concludes my overview of the stops along Route 66 that inspired Cars. I hope you found this post helpful.

Radiator Springs Route 66 Examples and Forms

I totally get that, Route 66 has lots of fun stops, but the whole route isn't for everyone. If you want to take your kids to the real life Radiator Springs without doing the whole route I suggest the following two options: The first option is concentrating on the state of Arizona. You'll get the 'cozy cone' motel in Holbrook, Seligman.

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7 iconic Route 66 locations that inspired the makers of Pixar's 'Cars'. Radiator Springs isn't a real town, but fans of the classic animated film can get their kicks at these must-see attractions on or near the Mother Road. By Alexandra Charitan. Nearly two decades after its debut, it's almost impossible to travel along any portion of.

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Cars is the seventh Pixar film. The story is about rookie race car Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), who gets lost on the way to California for a tiebreaker race in the Piston Cup, a famous race worldwide, and ends up in a little town called Radiator Springs on Route 66, that had been bypassed and forgotten when Interstate 40 was built. He accidentally wrecks the road and is sentenced to fix it.

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Back in the day, Radiator Springs was the best town to stop by on Route 66! Take a peek at some of the history over the years!Disney and Pixar's Cars on Blu-.

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The Grand Canyon Caverns, located west of Seligman, halfway between Seligman and Peach Springs, are deep caves with a t-rex and a gas station named Radiator Springs. We talk a bit about it in our in-depth guide to Route 66 in Arizona .

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Watch on YouTube: Disney Cars Route 66 movie end credits: John Mayer - Route 66. Other Radiator Springs Route 66 Inspiration. I've mentioned some of the larger Route 66 locations that became inspiration for the Cars movie, but there are so many other places that make up tiny aspects of the fictional Disney town.

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A tour of the Glenrio Ghost Town on the Texas/New Mexico state line on Route 66. It's like a real Radiator Springs, in fact it helped inspire the Cars movie.