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If you have a larger family traveling with you, Class A RVs with motorcycle garage can still provide sleeping space for 8-10 travelers. These setups are great choices if you want your RV to store your motorcycle without sacrificing interior beauty.

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Toy haulers push past the boundaries of a traditional motorhome - they are a Class A and Class C RV with a garage. With the garage comes endless possibilities, including a workspace, home for your motorcycle or ATV and so much more. Toy Hauler Motorhomes

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Key Takeaways: RVing with a motorcycle offers convenience, cost - effectiveness, safety, and flexibility for exploring new places. Purpose - built RVs with rear garage areas are ideal for storing motorcycles and other sporting equipment while on the road.

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Luckily for us, there are RVs with motorcycle storage for when you're finished having fun for the day. We've put together a few must-see RVs that have the storage you need for all your outdoor toys. Table of Contents Class A RVs With Motorcycle Storage: You might not immediately associate a Class A RV with having motorcycle storage.

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Is There A Class C Diesel RV With A Garage? Toy haulers are often very large RVs that have a portion dedicated to a garage/storage space. As such, it's rare to find a Class C diesel RV with a garage. These vehicles effectively have to double as a toy hauler, but there is one model that balances everything beautifully.

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Costing around $1.5m, this UnicatMD56c can stay on road for 2000 miles without refueling. The secret behind this mechanism is RV being equipped with a 264-gallon diesel fuel tank which maximizes its travel range to about 2,051 miles before a refueling stop is needed. Image: Unicat

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29S. The 29S Thor Class C toy hauler is shorter at 30' 3", but it still features an impressive layout. The garage is smaller at 8' by 6', and the door opens perpendicular to the rest of the rig. The ramp door doesn't work as a patio as it does in the 29J, though. It's just for driving your toys into the RV garage.

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The Alfa Gold 3905SH comes with a slideout room on the side that can serve as a 36-square-foot garage for a single motorcycle. Or you can choose an option that uses that space as a storage room to haul bicycles, kayaks or hobby items, or another option that outfits the room as a private space for children.

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Leisure Travel Vans responds to the demand for a bicycle garage View gallery - 21 images Feeling the demand for a motorhome with built-in bicycle garage, Canadian motorhome maker Leisure.

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Idéale pour transporter facilement votre moto, votre VTT etc. avec son garage fermé. Cette roulotte est super bien équipée avec une cuisine spacieuse munie d'un grand évier,. $49,995 Dealer Price

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The Thor Outlaw is a class A motorhome with a toy hauler. It's practically a giant in comparison to many motorhomes on the market. Regardless of where you plan to go, with a toy or two in tow, the Thor Outlaw can get you there. The cargo weight limit of the garage-space (toy hauler) on the motorhome is between 1600 lbs and 1800 lbs.

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The Benefits of Having a Motorcycle Garage in Your RV. Convenience: Having a motorcycle garage in your RV is great for convenience. You can easily bring your motorbike on your journey without stress! Space-saving: This way, you can free up space inside your RV. This means more room to move around and keep other items safe while travelling.

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Ketterer Continental 12000. Ketterer is another German brand that makes moving homes equipped for motorsport and travel, and even offers a stable for equestrians. The Continental is built on a.