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Proponents and opponents of Santa Monica ballot measures CS, GS, PB, DT, DTS, HMP, RC, EM, and SMC speak about the pros and cons of each measure.

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City of Santa Monica Measure RC - Majority Approval Required Next Election Results Passing 20,149 votes yes (58.7%) 14,166 votes no (41.3%)

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Santa Monica Measure RC Yes or No Has both some good (occupancy requirements after tenant evictions) and bad (locks maximum annual rent increase to 3% and 0.8% for six months from February to August 2023) into the City charter which is not the place to tie the hands of the Rent Control Board. Santa Monica Measure EM Yes

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Measure RC — Santa Monica voters passed measure RC in November which will cap future maximum general adjustment for rent control tenants at 3%, or $19 a month, starting in February 2023 and will.

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Measure RC was placed on the ballot by the Santa Monica City Council. The RCCA prohibits evictions except as provided by law. Owners or qualified relatives who wish to reside in their units permanently may evict current tenants to do so if they meet certain requirements.

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LAFLA Santa Monica Office: 1640 5th Street, Suite 124, Santa Monica, CA 90401. LAFLA Hours: Open to walk-ins Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Call LAFLA: 800-399-4529 or apply for help on our website. LAFLA will ask about your income, assets and the people that live in your household. They will tell you if you are eligible for their legal.

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October 17th, 2022 • By Westside Voice One can always count on a busy election season in Santa Monica. But even for that very active seaside town, nine local ballot measures are a lot to digest. The following are our recommendations (some earning more explanation than others).

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1. If the Maximum Allowable Rent (MAR) on August 31, 2022 was $2,312 or below and the landlord gave written notice of the 6% GA effective September 1, 2022, as of February 1, 2023, the increase will be reduced to 0.8% of the August 31, 2022 MAR. The landlord should give tenants a new notice effective February 1, 2023 reflecting this reduction.

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Damien Newton. -. 16 May, 2023. After last year's rent increase of 6.4%, the highest increase in Santa Monica in over four decades; the city passed Measure RC to try and prevent a similarly large increase from happening this year. In the first year after a new formula to increase the rent was created, the increase is less than half of what it.

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Santa Monica voters passed measure RC in November which will cap future maximum general adjustment for rent control tenants at 3%, or $19 a month, starting in February 2023 and will also.


Shall the measure to enhance the City of Santa Monica's general governmental services by increasing the one-time tax on real property sales over $8 million, and establishing an additional incremental tax of $25.00 per $1000 of the value in excess of $8 million, excepting transfers: per State law, involving tax-exempt charitable organizations, an.

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So far, ballots counted in the Santa Monica City Council race have Caroline Torosis in a sustained lead as early vote by mail and Vote Center ballots were reported on Tuesday night, but no.

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The Rent Control Adjustment Relief program and eviction ordinance are intended to keep families housed, shield tenants from eviction, and help both property owners and tenants manage this year's unusually high General Adjustment increase.

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Impartial Analysis. Measure EM amends the City's Rental Control Law, Article XVIII of the Santa Monica City Charter, by providing the Rent Control Board authority to disallow or modify otherwise-allowed annual general adjustments to the maximum allowable rent for rent-controlled units during a state of emergency declared by the President of the United States, the Governor, the Los Angeles.

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In Santa Monica, Measure RC would limit the applicability of the city's existing owner-occupant evictions to owners who commit to move within 60 days of vacancy. And Measure EM also in Santa Monica would give the rent board authority to lower or eliminate previously approved allowable rent increases during states of emergency.

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Aug 4, 2022, 2:00 PM By Trevor Bach Save article After weeks of public rhetoric — and spirited opposition from landlords — the Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday in favor.