Spotify launches voicecontrolled 'Car Thing'

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Here's what you need to know: Select users in the U.S. who have signed up for the Car Thing waitlist will be among the first to purchase Car Thing for $79.99. All U.S. Spotify users—Free and Premium—can sign up for the Car Thing waitlist. Car Thing does require a paid Spotify Premium subscription plan—whether that's an Individual.

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Spotify initially launched the Car Thing as a tester exclusive, and the device went up for public sale in February 2022. This week the company shares its Q2 2022 financials, and in doing so.

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Spotify has decided to discontinue its $90 in-car music accessory. Spotify has taken the decision to cancel its Car Thing in-car music accessory with the $90 device now available for a cut-price $50. Car Thing was always a strange accessory, allowing Spotify customers to ditch their phone's small screen in favor of a larger touch-based offering.

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Jul 27, 2022, 2:01 PM PDT. Spotify. Spotify has stopped manufacturing its Car Thing. The Car Thing, a dashboard accessory for streaming music, was widely available for only five months. According.

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Spotify recently slashed the price of the product by 44% to $49.99, according to its dedicated microsite for the product. The discount could mean that the device wasn't selling out as fast as the company had hoped. The company disclosed its decision to discontinue Car Thing in its most recent (Q2 2022) earnings report on July 27.

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Now, we're excited to make the device generally available in the U.S. and bring it to even more users. Car Thing is now available to purchase for $89.99 and requires a Spotify Premium subscription plan along with a phone with a mobile data connection. You can find more details about how to use the device at

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Even before you saw it, you may have felt the teeth-rattling bass and heard the molasses-slow rhythm of Houston hip-hop emanating from the stereo system in the trunk. If so, you were in the presence of a "slab," Houston's distinctive contribution to American car culture. One of the foremost practitioners of this art form is Kevin Mitchell.

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Spotify discontinued its Car Thing dashboard accessory barely five months after its official launch. Spotify announced the Car Thing player in 2019 before making it available for purchase on an invite-only basis in April 2021. Spotify opened up a public wait list for the device last October before it went on general sale in Feb. 2022.

Spotify 'Car Thing' is now available for 89.99 in the US

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Spotify launches voicecontrolled 'Car Thing'

Wed, Jul 27, 2022 · 1 min read. Spotify. Spotify's less-than-stellar quarter can be partly blamed on a decision to exit the hardware business. As part of its earnings data, the streaming service.

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Spotify discontinued its 'Car Thing' accessory-- a touchscreen control panel for playing Spotify content in a car -- a few months ago.Even though the device got some additional features like hands.

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Spotify. The good news is that the Car Thing is currently discounted to $49.99, which is $40 less than the original price. Spotify says the accessory will continue to work after it sells out, but the company didn't mention how long it will remain supported -- you could have a bricked Car Thing in one year or eight years.

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Spotify stops making its pointless Car Thing hardware. Annoyed on April 13, 2021, Spotify's Car Thing is no more.Spotify's latest earnings release [PDF download] has confirmed that the company has stopped manufacturing the Car Thing."Based on several factors, including product demand and supply chain issues, we have decided to stop further production of Car Thing units," a Spotify.

Spotify Car Thing Discontinued Just 5 Months After Launch

Spotify has stopped production of its in-car hardware device, quietly announcing it will no longer be making the dashboard Bluetooth accessory. News of the axing of the Spotify Car Thing Bluetooth player came as part of Spotify's quarterly earnings report. It's been a long road to a dead end for the now-written off podcast and music hands.

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After a rocky three-year history, Spotify has discontinued its Car Thing, a $90 device that was meant to make the service easier to access while driving.