Volkswagen XL1 Officially Goes on Sale

Volkswagen will debut XL1 hybrid at March auto show

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Volkswagen XL1 specifications by VIN number. Choose Volkswagen XL1 generation and engine modification. Generations. Engines. XL1 ( 2014 - 2016 ) 0.8 TDI (69 Hp) PHEV DSG (2014 - 2016)

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Volkswagen XL1 2014 dimensions. Boot space: 120 liters. Dashboard. Interior space with 2 seats. The Volkswagen XL1 has a length of 3888 mm, a height of 1153 mm, a width of 1655 mm without the exterior mirrors and a measurement of 1655 millimeters with the mirrors unfolded. 2014 model for sale as new until 2016.

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Wolfsburg, Germany - The XL1 from Volkswagen is the most fuel-efficient production car in the world, with a European combined fuel consumption rating of 261 mpg. Thanks to its plug-in hybrid system, this two-seat vehicle can also cover up to 32 miles as a zero-emissions vehicle in all-electric mode.

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55 Photos Sourced from a Ducati 1199 Superleggera, the XL Sport's reputable V-Twin engine revved up to 11,000 rpm and made up to 197 horsepower (147 kilowatts). While that latter number wasn't.

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With the XL1, Volkswagen is implementing a plug-in hybrid concept, which utilises the fuel-efficient technology of the common rail turbodiesel (TDI) and the dual clutch transmission (DSG). The TDI generates its stated maximum power of 35 kW / 48 PS from just 0.8 litre displacement. The entire hybrid unit is housed above the vehicle's driven.

Volkswagen XL1 Officially Goes on Sale

1 / 3 " The world's first green hypercar is brilliant. The future, beamed into your local VW dealer " Good stuff Super-cool looks, non-existent tax, potential economy, general brilliance Bad.

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This is an online automotive information provider of Volkswagen XL1 specifications and features, equipment and performance including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drive train and more. Make sure to search the car specs including engine performance options, interior upgrades, headroom, cargo capacity and more.

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With a combined system output of just 68 hp and 103 lb-ft, acceleration is understandably modest -- VW claims 0-60 mph takes about 12.5 seconds -- but during our brief test drive, the XL1 was.

Volkswagen XL1 Officially Goes on Sale

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Volkswagen. Volkswagen is an automaker based in Germany. Its products typically command a higher price than those of competing models, but the return is a more upscale driving and ownership.

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The Volkswagen XL1 (VW 1-litre) is a two-person limited production diesel-powered plug-in hybrid produced by Volkswagen.The XL1 car was designed to be able to travel 100 km on 1 litre of diesel (280 mpg ‑imp; 240 mpg ‑US), while being both roadworthy and practical. To achieve such economy, it was produced with lightweight materials, a streamlined body and an engine and transmission.

Volkswagen XL1 Rijimpressies

The XL1's hybrid system consists of a 47-hp, 800-cc two-cylinder TDI turbo-diesel engine, a 27-hp (20-kW) electric motor, and VW's seven-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox. (The DSG is programmed to.

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The Volkswagen XL1 has a low profile, very aerodynamic with its CX under 0.2 and a plug-in hybrid system with a two-cylinder diesel engine. The car was so energy-efficient that it needed only.

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The 2014 Volkswagen XL1 looks like a car of the future, but it sounds like a car from the past. A body as streamlined as a fish, tires as thin as a motorbike's, gullwing doors and a tail.

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XL1. Volkswagen's XL1, presented in 2013, was the world's most economical production car featuring a diesel plug-in hybrid powertrain, with fuel consumption of only 0.9 l/100 km. The powertrain consisted of a two-cylinder TDI engine (35 kW / 48 PS) and an electric motor (20 kW / 27 PS), a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) and a lithium.