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GTA Online Imani Tech Which Cars Can Use It?

While some can make do with civilian vehicles, the occasional aircraft, and even military-grade weaponry, those who've partnered up with Franklin Clinton to operate a Celebrity Solutions Agency have an all-access pass to the bleeding edge. While some can make do with civilian vehicles, the occasional aircraft, and even military-grade weaponry.

New Cars that Can Use Imani's Tech (Missile Lockon Jammer) in GTA

Imani Tech Vehicles The following 8 cars can use Imani Tech in GTA Online: Enus Diety Dewbauchee Champion Bravado Buffalo STX Enus Jubilee Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec Declasse Granger 3600LX Bravado Greenwood (Added to the game as part of GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises Update)

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1 5 comments Best PapaXan • 1 yr. ago You can use them but all the weapons are disabled. You also don't want to use the Champion in races, it's really not competitive at all. Contrarian_Eh • 1 yr. ago Actually if the race type is GTA you can use the tech. I Muscle In with the Buffalo and was dripping oil slicks everywhere. 3 ze_ex_21 • 1 yr. ago

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What is Imani Tech in GTA Online? Genius techie Imani in GTA Online Imani, a brand-new character, was added to the Contract update. She is a skilled hacker who provides a variety of services. Players can add a personal workshop to their Agency property if they have one. The workshop is worth $800,000, whereas agencies often cost over $2 million.

Which GTA Online cars use Imani Tech?

Five Imani Tech vehicles worth getting in GTA Online (after The Last Dose update) 1) Weaponized Ignus The Weaponized Ignus (Image via Rockstar Games) Price: $3,245,000 (+$500,000 for the HSW.

Imani Tech and Compatible Vehicles in GTA Online

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5 fastest Imani Tech cars in GTA Online after The Last Dose update, ranked

All 14 Imani Tech Vehicles | Stats | Upgrade Options | What Imani Tech Vehicle is best | FASTEST TUTORIAL EVER!In this video I cover the basics of what you n.



What is Imani Tech in GTA Online and which vehicles can harness it?

List of All Vehicles that feature Imani Tech The game offers a total of 14 vehicles that can be equipped with Imani Tech, spanning various categories such as Sports, Offroad, Muscle, SUV, Supercars etc. 1. Enus Jubilee Category: SUV Price: $1,650,000 2. Enus Deity Category: Sedan Price: $1,845,000 3. Annis 300R Category: Sports Price: $2,075,000

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What Cars Can Use Imani Tech? Here are all of the cars that can use Imani Tech and they are all vehicles that were added as part of The Contract update. Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec Bravado Buffalo STX Dewbauchee Champion how to get The Stun Gun.

Gta 5 New Imani Tech Vehicles Cars With Imani Tech Lock On Jammer

The Buffalo EVX is a vehicle in the Muscle class, and thanks to Imani Tech it can be equipped with a Missile Lock-On Jammer, which prevents it from being targeted by Homing Missiles. The Buffalo EVX is an armored vehicle, and with full Armor it requires 12 Homing Missiles to be destroyed.

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This is a quick video that will show you how to check the vehicle list that can be equipped with Imani's Tech that includes the Armor Plating, Missile Lock-O.

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As of December 2023 GTA Online has 16 vehicles that can use Imani Tech. Here is a list of cars that can purchase Imani Tech: Enus Jubilee Enus Diety Bravado Buffalo STX Bravado Greenwood Dewbauchee Champion Obey Omnis e-GT Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec Declasse Granger 3600LX Annis 300R Ocelot Virtue Grotti Itali GTO Stinger.

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14) Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec. The Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec is an armored weaponized vehicle in GTA Online that can get the Imani Tech upgrades in the game. It comes at a price tag of $1,710,000.

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Here is the full list There were 16 vehicles added alongside The Contract DLC, including two motorcycles. Out of these, only six vehicles can be installed with Imani Tech upgrades. Here.

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Which GTA Online vehicles can use Imani Tech Unfortunately, not every vehicle in your garage is compatible with Imani Tech. In fact, it's only those added to the game by The Contract.