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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email Last Wednesday, we talked about Curb Weight, GVWR, GCWR, GAWR, payload capacity and how "tonnage" slang terminology is not reality. Now, let's put all of that great knowledge to use by deciphering the name's of old Chevy truck models and old GMC truck models.

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The C1500 and K1500 are two of the oldest truck models from Chevrolet. The C1500 is a half-ton truck, and the K1500 is a full-ton truck. Both trucks have the same basic features and have different drivelines. The C1500 is rear-wheel drive, while the K1500 is front-wheel drive.

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2WD trucks tend to be on the cheaper end of the scale which is nice because you can pay for a cheaper truck but still reap a lot of the benefits from it as well. You may not be able to take it off the road as much, but you can still haul plenty of loads with a C truck!

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November 15, 2023 ‍ Key Takeaways The Chevy C1500 is a two-wheel drive truck, while the GMC K1500 is a four-wheel drive. Both trucks have independent suspension, but the GMC K1500 has a Dana front axle. The Chevy C1500 is a cheaper and better daily driver truck.

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10 C/K Actually, the C/K symbol refers to a one-letter designation that Chevrolet and GMC trucks used from 1962 through 1998. The 1/2, 3/4 and 1-ton trucks pickup for these years would receive either a C or K letter, but not both. Following the C or K letter was a numerical value of either 10, 20 or 30.

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While the name of these trucks has become familiar in many automotive circles, the C10 title is actually a bit coded. GM introduced the C/K truck platform in 1960, with the "C" prefix standing for "conventional" signifying the truck is a 2WD model, where the "K" models would indicate a 4WD pickup. To further differentiate GM's.

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The Chevrolet C/K is a series of trucks that was manufactured by General Motors from the 1960 to 2002 model years. Marketed by both the Chevrolet and GMC divisions, the C/K series encompassed a wide range of vehicles.

What Does 'K' Mean in Money? (Helpful Examples)

Chevrolet's C- and K-series truck line is one of the oldest and most storied of all the company's offerings, remaining in production for every bit as long as the Camaro. Modularity and adaptability were key components to the trucks' success; GM offered the chassis in dozens of different configurations to.

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In Classic Cars Jan, 2023 Chevrolet's C/K lineup is one of the vehicle manufacturer's most iconic models. The C/K series of trucks has been around for decades, providing drivers with reliable and robust transportation options. Table of Contents

Why does k mean strikeout in Baseball? A comprehensive guide

A: Absolutely! The Chevy C10 is renowned for its durability, ease of maintenance, and versatility. Its classic design and powerful performance make it a favorite among truck enthusiasts. Whether for daily use, restoration projects, or just for the sheer joy of owning a piece of automotive history, the C10 is a great truck. 7.

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The main difference between the C10 and K10 is that the K10 is four-wheel drive, while the C10 is two-wheel drive. The K10 also has a slightly different suspension package and sits higher than the C10 due to the drivetrain configuration. As the K10 is a 4x4, it is more frequently used off-road compared to the C10.

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The C10 was a new type of truck for Chevrolet. It was originally available in a 6.5-foot bed with a 115-inch wheelbase and an 8-foot bed with a 127-inch wheelbase. The C10 had improved weight distribution compared to previous Chevy trucks thanks to the increased load capacity of the front axle. It also featured a larger cab and bigger windshield.

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For 1973-1987, any 2WD full-size truck would be a C-series. K-series trucks are the four-wheel drive versions. 1/2-ton capacity trucks, including pickups, the Blazer / Jimmy, and Suburbans, are model 10, so a C-10 Suburban is a 2WD, 1/2 ton. Using this system, a 4WD Blazer is a "K-10" (even Chevy's paperwork calls them this) and not the "K-5.

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The first-gen C/K trucks ( 'C' meaning rear-wheel drive, 'K' denoting all-wheel drive ), produced for the 1960 model year, had their own numerical designations. 10 mean half-ton, 20 meant ¾-ton, 30 was the one-ton, and the 40 was the 1.5-ton. The C40 and K40 were dropped after 1962.