[HOONIGAN] Unprofessionals Unseasoned EP7 Vargas Smashes Hert's

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Dreams in motion, innovation at every turn! Hoonigan explodes onto the scene in the crazy world of wheels like a firework, igniting a passion in the hearts of motor fans everywhere. Previously called Wheel Pros, Hoonigan did more than just alter its name—it started a revolution that infused passion and creativity into the core of the.

Hoonigan Hert Talks SEMA & Racing Simulators w/ Thrustmaster

You may notice a pattern. In the niche space of tuner car culture, there aren't many high-profile influencers of color. Even fewer are African American. But easily one of the most recognizable.


Subscribe 601K views 5 years ago https://www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode of Daily Transmission Tangents, Hert's back to give you a mega update on everything you've been missing out on. We.

HERT // The Hoonigan Team at FBG // FINAL BOUT GALLERY 2019 YouTube

Has Hert left Hoonigan. It's been months since he was on a Hoonigan video and his co-presenter on the Hot Wheels show indicated he has left when he was being interviewed by Mat Farrah. My guess is he finally realised how bad he got shafted when he didn't get a cut of the PE buy out. 5. 15. Sort by:

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Identity Transformation. Hoonigan's evolution promises an automotive experience that's as thrilling as it is unpredictable. Published on Oct 27, 2023 | 04:00 PM EST by SoapAsk Staff. Wheel Pros' turned into Hoonigan. A stealthy shift is unfurling inside the car domain, departing lovers and insiders the same in a condition of tension.

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— Ken Block (@kblock43) December 29, 2022 Tributes to the icon were pouring in across his platforms on Tuesday morning. "Ken was truly an idol and inspiration for me, getting me into rally. [.].

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We've got updates! All of us have project cars at a different build status - and they're all going on the Hoonigan Project Cars channel. Also, we've got some extra footage of Hert from the cutting room floor of his Australia edits, where he goes to burnout school. So good. [image-gallery] [image-gallery-end] [produc

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If you would like to support the Lone Star Drift channel, you can go to our Patreon page and donate! Thanks! https://www.patreon.com/LonestardriftIn this e.

[HOONIGAN] Unprofessionals EP1 Hert and Rob Crash into Each Other

Hert is as unique as they come and he tells us the WHOLE story of how he came to be one of the premier tire shredders, from his very first car and first accident to his first engine swap, to what he's up to today. Hert has killed a few cars, jobs, and sets of tires.

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dkorecki If you didn't know, Hert has re-launched his personal YT channel giving OG Unprofessional/Hoonigan vibes youtube.com Open 49 10 Sort by: Open comment sort options Add a Comment dormmamu616 • 2 yr. ago Hoonigans quality has gone to shit. Their own people are leaving. 14 viking_pug • 2 yr. ago

Interview with Hert from Hoonigan Industries! He tells us his story on

Danger Dan kicked off his own channel too. He's always making progress on his turbo Miata and 2J 240 builds, and getting driving content that we aren't always able to cover, so he's got a new home for that. The first ep. is up on there already! He also let me drive his Miata. It's dumb fun. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC36mfB0r5MMQ6ERq1C-15uQ

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Hertrech Eugene Jr, better known as Hert, is a staple of the HOONIGAN family and the car world. Hert is as unique as they come and he tells us the WHOLE stor.

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Joel Feder February 15, 2023 Comment Now! View Gallery On Wednesday, the Hoonigan team released a video to YouTube discussing what's next after the loss of co-founder and automotive icon Ken.

Fire Everywhere Hert's First Burnyard Shreds in Twerkstallion!

But I never really understood just Hoonigan, which is separate from Ken and Ford and is based out of Long Beach, California. I assumed that Hoonigan was a T-shirt company for Ken Block and the.

[HOONIGAN] Unprofessionals Unseasoned EP7 Vargas Smashes Hert's

/r/hoonigan is a place to discuss, you guessed it, all things Hoonigan. Racing, rally, drifting, burnouts, builds, Cactus Cooler, or anything else involving vehicular mayhem.. They've got some private equity money and now they will be milking the brand Hert and Vin built for all its worth. The other day I asked why the didn't include Brad in.

Fire Everywhere Hert's First Burnyard Shreds in Twerkstallion!

Roncar What IS happening at Hoonigan? Saw a couple threads in here asking questions, so I'll give you guys some answers as best I can. TL/DR: we're still alive. We gave our editors a much needed break for Jan. We don't have the 'Rona. We're not going behind a paywall. We'll be back in Feb. with more content and some new shows.