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Played by Brian Tee, Takashi was the current "Drift King" and enemy of central character Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) in the third installment of The Fast Saga. After being dethroned from the status, not much was revealed about what the future held for Takashi.

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The dispute between Sean and Takashi comes to a standstill when Neela agrees to move back in with Takashi and Sean gets the money to pay off Han's old stealing debts. All is calm in the Japanese.

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Dom Vs Sean Part 3: Who Won The Race At The End Of Tokyo Drift Sunday Driver 968 subscribers Subscribe 2.4K views 1 year ago Join Me On Discord: https://discord.gg/hPqkJYUYEC Dom Vs.

Dom vs Sean Who Won The Race At The End Of Tokyo Drift YouTube

For me, Dom let Sean won the race. Maybe it was a close race in the beginning because Sean complemented Dom in the end, then Dom held back before the end of the race. Dom was there to find information about Han, not to show who's the boss. Dom is always known for giving up races if it's not serious, just like the million dollar race in F5. Sort by:

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Who won the race between Sean and Dom in Tokoyo drift? Sean. Dom. Vote. 31 Votes in Poll. Dominic Toretto Sean Boswell. 2. 1. 0. Optimusprimebumblebee "Neo Astral-X" 123 · 11/20/2023. Probably Dom won . What do you think? Explore properties. Fandom Muthead Fanatical Follow Us..

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There are a few reasons why the race between Sean and Dom wasn't shown at the end of Tokyo Drift. Firstly, the filmmakers hadn't planned on bringing back Dom.

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Updated Aug 26, 2023 Tokyo Drift ends with Dom Toretto and Sean Boswell starting a race, but it cuts to black before it's revealed who won. Is Sean still the Drift King? Summary Sean Boswell wins the race at the end of Tokyo Drift and becomes the new Drift King, but it's unclear if he remains undefeated.

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Dominic Toretto vs Sean Boswell *Furious Seven SPOILERS* 3khc 8 years ago #1 They should have showed this race. - Results (47 votes) Confirm 82.98% 39 Deny 17.02% 8 This poll is now closed..

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Gaijin Maverick Jiffy Lube Citizenship American Gender Male Date of Birth c. 1996-1997 Residence Alabama, U.S. (formerly) Arizona, U.S. (formerly) Tokyo, Japan (formerly) Cologne, Germany Affiliation Han Seoul-Oh's Crew Status Alive Appearances Movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

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FULL MATCH Dom 'The Pork of York' w/The Gimp vs Sean Only YouTube

So I have still been asking myself since Tokyo drift came out, who won the race at the end of the movie? Sean or Dom? 9 Sort by: Open comment sort options Add a Comment flea_420 • 4 yr. ago I always assumed Dom won because of Sean's words to him in 7. Sean: "Han said you was fast. But not that damn fast."

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There are 5 races between Brian and Dom in total. Brian wins two of them, so yes. The Fast and the Furious - Dom (the 10-second car race) The Fast and the Furious - Brian (the final race scene) Fast & Furious - Dom (the "cheating" scene) F5 - Tie (credits scene) Furious 6 - Brian (openning scene) So it's 2:2 basically. Hope that helps :)


When Sean races DK in the parking garage, an AE86 Panda Trueno, Keiichi Tsuchiya's (Drift King of Japan) car of fame, is parked conspicuously at a corner. Helpful • 155 3 The muscle car that Sean drives in the opening scenes is a highly modified 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Helpful • 99 1 33 more Spoilers Cameo

Dom Vs Sean Part 3 Who Won The Race At The End Of Tokyo Drift YouTube

Sean says "Han said you were fast. But not that damn fast" to which Dom replies "Who said American muscle can't drift?". This could mean one of two things. Either Dom provided an absolutely crazy challenge in which Sean barely eked out a victory or Dom absolutely destroyed Sean. I'd like to think the former but it's just something fun to think.